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How long have you been Hacking in games

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On 3/10/2019 at 4:33 AM, scarletblanks said:

Combat Arms was probably the first game I actually hacked in apart from Offline Games like Plants Vs Zombies where I would mess around with Cheat Engine etc.

Back in the days everyone was hacking.
My favorite hacking site also died afterwards with the game. RIP NFuze.

Combat Arms hacks was FUN as fuck. I used Augs and shit the airstrike was OP ahahahah.

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Since 2003, First game would have to be America's Army Online. Used Helios Unreal Bot.. A low rent uscript that no one could beat. With his hooking method was undetected for the longest time. Eventually added clean screenshot cleaner but it didn't always work.. eventually had to use a different loading method. Since then I cheat at almost every game I play. It's not really fun, especially FPS if I don't have the decisive advantage.. plus otheres are using it against you, always funny to catch another aimbotter off guard.

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Id say my first big hack was maplestory. I remember good old days of vacuum hacking and item vac.
PG hack. Then it was combat arms. Game anarchy and Fpscheats. Such greatness. So its been at least 10 years for me.

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Just now, Mundo said:

I would have to say about 14 years started on css and hl2 deathmatch and kinda just kept going then to tf2 then combat arms then csgo then l4d2 and 1 i hacked on alot and i mean alot of games some mine own cheat others i paid for good time


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