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  1. First you need to get an HWID reset if you used the hack before you got banned. Then use the spoofer before the hack and yes you need to use it every time.
  2. Inject in lobby, not on or during loading screen. I do not remember the video showing it during initial loading screen. If still crashing after loading screen, try turning off esp and radar. I heard it was fixed but haven't gotten to test it as I was shadowbanned.
  3. Try lowering your FOV and turn vis check on.
  4. You could check out to avoid shadowban, but if you're already showban there are a few steps to bypassing it but it requires a fresh start.
  5. That would be quite silly, it isn't buy one get one free. COD updates usually take a few hours for Silva to update, unless the update is huge and changes alot of coding. Then he'd just pause or add to your sub. That goes for every other cheat aswell. You could buy both cheats though.
  6. You can't unless you bind keyboard/mouse buttons onto the controller.
  7. Kadi


    Is this after pre-game lobby? If you crash during the plane drop, disable all esp and radar first then re-enable when you get on the ground.
  8. If you logged into Origin with your original HWID it could be linked. If they did not ban your real HWID then yes you can use your real HWID still. If you wanna keep your HWID safe I suggest making a new account and only use Origin/Apex using a spoofer on the account you want to hack with.
  9. Release Notes 18/03 & 19/03 Our cheat works on Season 1 Wild Frontier! Loader now injects into Origin Overlay instead of Discord Overlay. Features Added Glow Fixes FPS Drop Crashing Faster Injection Security Improvement
  10. Glad you think so and willing to purchase again. Please merge to testimonials
  11. Kadi

    Earn Free Hacks

    Really love this idea, helps people on a budget and makes the forums more active. You could really get a big discount maybe even more than 50%! Hope you see you guys around and post safely.
  12. It may even help with crashing issues. Open Origin Right click onto Apex Legends (In your game library) Select Game Properties Click on Advanced launch options In the "Command line arguments" add -> +fps_max unlimited Start the game
  13. Never seen the old one, this new one is sleek. Feels modern with a decent layout.
  14. For around 13 years now, though it was an on/off situation.
  15. I haven't seen any suggestions nor a thread about them. So I'd like to post one. Here you could list what ideas you'd like for a future update. MENU/HACK IDEAS Triggerbot Chams/Glow ESP Glow Color and Glow Target Color Target Switch Aim at Closet Target Random Bone Transparency Slider for Menu Save Settings
  16. Abuse it till it's patched! go to origin library right click on apex game properties advanced and command and arguments paste this : +debug_force_EAAccess 1 save and start the game P.S. Buy Apex Packs
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