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  1. You will not be charged, your card info is never saved on the site. Once your key expires you just simply buy it again and get a new key.
  2. Please contact me in our Discord. here is our discord link I am Prime in Discord! I will get your issue solved ASAP
  3. Our hack is undetected for NEW USERS. If you have never used APEX hack before, and you aren't HWID banned, you will be fine. If you get banned there is a possibility of getting HWID banned. If that happens, you will need to make fake origin accounts.
  4. Point Based Forum What is the Point Based Forum!? Earn points for every type of interaction you do on our site! Each thing you do is specifically calculated and has a value! Here is a chart that breaks down how the calculations are made & how to earn points! We introduced this feature because we want our members to be involved in discussions and our website overall. To reward engagement and loyalty, we created this opportunity for our members to get our products by earning it. Over time as you accumulate points you can then redeem them via your profile. Each point you earn holds its own point value in our website. 1 Point = €0.05 Restrictions: Do not abuse this system by excessive spams. We have Anti-Spam systems implemented and your account will be flagged if you are manipulating the points. After receiving the flag you will get a warning, if your account gets flagged more than once it will be permanently deleted. If you try to redeem your points, you will have to wait till Prime or Silva approve the request. We will evaluate each redeemable claim made, and see if it is valid Credited € will be linked to your account & you can use this credit during checkout of purchases!
  5. my new go to weapons are the R99!!! 2 of them!!
  6. As many of you know we have an awesome Discord! We use our discord as our main source of communication + getting to know you guys! One of the biggest things we like to do is host DAILY GIVEAWAYS! Free Keys, Discounts on packages, & much more! We want all of you who aren't that involved in Discord to please be more involved and interact with our community! News & Announcement updates are also posted there. If you are new and reading this, don't be shy to join and say hi! Lots of fun stuff will be posted on Discord as well, so definitely join! Here is our Discord Link! :
  7. Thank you very much, we would love to have you as a customer for life!
  8. @tryhardo Thank you for your detailed review. We are working everyday to make improvements and have the best possible hack out there for people to use. Some of the features you mentioned are already being worked on since a while but need testing done, and some of them we haven't added due to detection. For example, Cham has a high risk of detection by EAC which is why we haven't added it in yet. Aimkey is something we are looking to add. Visibility is a feature that is going to be added in the future as well. Everything in our Menu page can be manually enabled or disabled, you do not have to see things you don't want to. If you want to make it more human like / real all you have to do is enable and tweak our menu settings whichever way you seem fit. Smooth makes it more realistic as well, along with increasing aim speed. We have these 2 features configurable by our users for a reason, because many want to make it look legit especially if someone is spectating. We are making daily changes and improvements to our hack. Thank you for your feedback.
  9. We are gonna be adding color features in future!
  10. Thank you very much for this detailed review!
  11. message me on discord! ty for your review
  12. Prime

    About Us

    You clicked on this page because you want to know about us.. For those of you who don't know we are Dr-Cheats! We been around since 2015. We are a professional group of people who have a passion for modding games and enjoying it with our community. We just revamped our entire business model, this included having a brand new website which is what you are looking at right now , a brand new Hack for the hottest game currenly ( Apex Legends ). We are looking to expand our community have have a great group of people around us! We take all feedback from our community into consideration. We are very involved with our members, and want to deliver a personal relationship with them. Dr-Cheats is owned by 2 people who have a passion for hacking (Myself, and Silva). We aren't too big in terms of reputation because we just re-modeled ourselves. We might not be Top of the hacking forum websites such as epvp, etc.. , but our goal is to let our hard-work and dedication to our community pay itself off. We as the Owners work around the clock to provide a seamless experience with the hacks. Our support team is also very good and we fully are invested into customer service as well. Customer service to us is really important because in most hacking groups out there these days, our users have told us they are neglected by staff members in the discords they joined for hacked games. We try to build a close relationship with all of our users and help them in anyway we can. Pricing is a huge topic and is on everyone's minds... you may be wondering "is Dr-Cheats expensive!!?" "Are they legit!!?" "Are they scammers"? "Are they for real!!?" The answer is No, Yes, Hell No, Hell Yes! We are Foshizzle Legit! No we are not scammers, and we are absolutely real! Our prices compared to our competitors out there are really fair. We try to not to focus too much on the $$$, because hacking groups that only focus on profits don't care for much else. We have done a lot of studies about local pricing on related games, the countries and currency ratios. We hear the people because their voices are heard here. Like we stated earlier we want to create a fantastic community here at Dr-Cheats. We want you to be involved with us every step of the way, and go on this journey to conquer the PC Hacking World together! If you aren't too sure about us, please read through our forums and check out our Testimonials, our videos, etc. Dr-Cheats is all about creating the best PC Hacking community! - Prime & Silva