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  1. Welcome! DM me in discord to buy once our Status Page shows apex back online and is green
  2. it doesn't matter if anyone reports you, spectators, kills. IF hacks detected... you get ban. thats the only way
  3. Prime


    it is stream proof, you need to adjust your settings lol
  4. Welcome to our community!
  5. Prime


    hey DM me in discord if you want to buy
  6. Prime


    welcome to our community!
  7. Prime

    RUST Funder Access

    RUST is going to be our Private (Invite-Only Exclusive) Hack, we are limiting the amount of who will get access. If you read on our forum you will see "How to get Invited Badge" which gives you access to all private and public hacks from us. Funding the development of RUST costs $150 Bitcoin. Rust Funders get the following: Weeks of Beta Testing all features we create and helping us complete the Hack. Special Invite Only Badge here on our website & Special Role in our Private Discord. Once the Hack is finished, you get 1 Month subscription as well. After the month subscription you can re-new whenever you want, you get permanent access to Buy our Rust Hack. (Renewal costs €80 per Month) If you are interested, join our Discord Server and Contact the Owner (Prime#0274). Spots for Funders are limited so get yours now!
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    you can buy now visit store page
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    hi, it'll be on store page once maintenance is over. check status page.
  10. Prime


    we don't offer trials. you can read our reviews and see how long we been doing this, speaks for itself.
  11. hope to see you again friend, take care
  12. be sure to leave a trader feedback under his profile.
  13. @Gank Welcome aboard! We are always open and transparent with our community, you can feel safe with us
  14. Prime

    Suggestion section

    Yea we can set that up.
  15. We could use more GFX Designers Welcome aboard