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  3. 2x R99 with octane 500+ ammo., walk in d park.. easy...
  4. totally legit man 10000000% again epic legit., best hack in d house especially spoofer perfectly done that's what im talking about., if you get banned in d game THEN THIS IS FOR YOU BOYS AND GIRLS., damn i love this, been 2nd month in a row now and im still alive and kicking., hell yeah..
  5. If you logged into Origin with your original HWID it could be linked. If they did not ban your real HWID then yes you can use your real HWID still. If you wanna keep your HWID safe I suggest making a new account and only use Origin/Apex using a spoofer on the account you want to hack with.
  6. If im not banned yet and play using the HWID spoofer and then get banned, will i be able to make a new account using my real HWID?
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  8. The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.  I need help please


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    2. Andrew


      Sorry, our products are paid for.

    3. anonth


      u can give me ur social media nam I need to call u 

    4. anonth


      number our insta  anything  I need to call you

  9. Dr-Cheats team release HWID Spoofer Check all informations here :
  10. I starter cheat in Combat Arms, and i really love cheats in WarZ. Like 7 years.
  11. We have Officially released our Spoofer! Visit the download page and you will see it available there. How it works: - The Spoofer will need a key in order to work. If you are an Active Subscriber for Apex then you can use your SAME key and put it in the Spoofer Loader. - If your key is expired for APEX then the Spoofer will not work. - Open Spoofer first and modify your PC, and then open the Apex Loader! Only use this if you are HWID Banned Video Tutorial: If you are having problems or questions, please contact us through our support or directly in our discord.
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  13. Release Notes 18/03 & 19/03 Our cheat works on Season 1 Wild Frontier! Loader now injects into Origin Overlay instead of Discord Overlay. Features Added Glow Fixes FPS Drop Crashing Faster Injection Security Improvement
  14. Kadi

    Amazing Hack

    Glad you think so and willing to purchase again. Please merge to testimonials
  15. Thanks for your review! Welcome.
  16. I bought the one day pass because I wasn't fully sure, but this is something amazing I definitely recommend this hack its the legit and I think the best one out there. One day wasn't enough about to buy the week maybe 6 months.
  17. Thanks, I've already joined the discord.
  18. Thank you for review! Welcome.
  19. Thank you for your review! Join our discord for send your suggestion.
  20. Great cheat so far, I have been using it for a day and the aimbot is smooth and just what I need. ESP is great, although I would like some chams and/or a visible and non-visible colors. Item ESP is good, no flaws. All around, I think I will be using the cheat for some time to come.
  21. Andrew


    Thank you! Great Review.
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