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  1. Your welcome guys just wanted to let you all know. . .tried all . . and not one of those peeps who get paid or would lie for someone else
  2. This is by far the Best Company I have dealt with . . I have dealt with many but just to many headaches due to extreme excessive down times, verifications, support etc. How I found Dr. Cheats was I was in a Discord chat and heard a ton of people asking what was going on with their stuff and were getting now answers until this one guy said screw it I went to Dr. Cheats and got a cheat for the time being and well I went over to Dr. Cheats to check it out, I am one of those peeps who read reviews and stuff. So I got my first cheat from them and love it . . .The support is crazy good and any question no mater what it is they answer for me regardless of how busy they are. They have even helped me through team view to get a lot of stuff set up for me that I was having problems with. They even helped me set up my spoofer, vpn, and quick fix on my controller settings. I have tried them all trust me. . this is by far the best company. TK
  3. Hey guys not gonna lie . . . I suck with keyboard and Mouse. . . do you guys know of an easy way I can take my mouse/keyboard controls over toe Xbox controller. . .I tried Joytokey but like Prime forwarned me its hard to do on that software. . .do you guys know of anywhere . . please and thanks for the help if you can help me. . .