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  1. Skizzy


    Im glad to hear you enjoy our cheats! We are working on "Prediction V2" so that will make it better for the aimbot.
  2. Sorry for the late welcome Lima2232 ! i hope you have a fun time here! Please join our discord server as well for faster support/chat.
  3. We are currently investigating some bans (Caused by aimbot) and trying to fix the issue, we only allow 30 slots on apex but when we fix it we might increases the slots.
  4. You are paying for something that you CAN use, it is not our fault that you hwid changes. And if you would read then you would join the discord server and we would help you there.
  5. It gets fixed within 40 minutes (it’s working now) we plan on doing a server update so the issue will be fixed.
  6. Please disable all of your anti viruses... you can join our discord server for a hwid reset or you can use the UserCP to rest it yourself every 24 hours. sorry for the late reply, if you need any further assistance please join our discord for a faster response. you can join our discord server for a hwid reset or you can use the UserCP to rest it yourself every 24 hours.
  7. 1. It depends how big the update is, if it’s a small update it takes around 30 minutes (also depending if silva is busy/asleep). If it’s a bigger one (like introducing new guns or maps) it will take less than a day. 2. We only have 30 slots open for apex atm (you can always contact one of our resellers to get apex), and we are investigating some bans and checking for any detection. As soon as the testing phase is over the servers will be back up for apex.
  8. they are sold out then, we restock on Fridays.
  9. you left the server from what i recall, please join back and we will resolve this issue
  10. hey there Daniel! We are happy to have you, Thank you for complimenting our website If you need help with anything create a topic here or join our discord server and we will help you there.
  11. Yes, you can always change your aimkey (Side buttons are a good option) so when you need the help you can just press the side button and win the game.
  12. Its just mainly your opinion. And depends what game you're talking about. For Mw: i mainly use as little ESP as possible (Just boxes and skeleton), and aimbot with the settings of Smooth 2-3 fov 60-90 And for Apex: Use as little of aimbot because they have an AI that detects aimbot. so i just use the same ESP settings as MW and for aimbot i use 4 smooth and 20-30 fov hope this helps you.
  13. we only have about 30 slots for apex atm (we restock on Friday), if you wish to buy apex now, you can join our discord server and buy it though a reseller.
  14. Hey there Isaac92, im happy to hear that you want to use our Rust hack. but sadly its under maintenance atm, we are working on PUBG now and we will probably work on Rust next. I Hope you try some of our other cheats
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