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  1. Hey Blueye! Sadly there isnt a real way to get un ShadowBanned/banned without a spoofer/cleaner. But if you're shadowbanned you can wait from 7-14 days for it to be removed. But if you're perma-ban then im sorry to say this but you are screwed without a spoofer.
  2. loader says Bad Hwid also discord link does not work.

    1. Skizzy


      Discord link should be fixed now.


  3. Hey there! Sorry for a very late reply, but you can always dm me on discord (on my profile on the forums) if you have any issue. Hope you have anything under control. If youre still having issue open a ticket on our discord server.
  4. Skizzy


    Hello An70ni0! Welcome aboard, if you experience any issues please join our discord server and we can assist you there (we respond quicker there).
  5. Hey there jiek9999840 ! Welcome aboard!
  6. Hey There! Our WZ hacks are currently not Streamproof but we are working on that feature.
  7. might have been an issue with the payment process.
  8. Skizzy

    Warzone HELP

    1- Disable UAC 2- Uninstall External Ant Cheats ( Vanguard, FaceIT, ESEA ) 3- Unistall Virtual Box 4- Disable ALL External Overlays ( Rivaturner, NVIDIA Experience, ... )
  9. Because EFT has been discontinued (Due to the coder being fired), with it would come back soon tho
  10. it doesn't work again so i paid 23.60 eur do something !!!!!!!
    Mellékletek terület
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Skizzy


      Then join the discord as  I advised you to do, Everything works on my end so you have to be messing up somewhere... Either way join our discord and we will figure something out.

    3. wuming


      Every time I look, it's out of stock. When can I buy it

    4. Skizzy


      We restock every Friday, if you want to know exactly when we restock then join our discord server DRSilva pings everyone once there is a restock.

  11. Silva was planning to make one, but I’m not sure what the progress is.
  12. Game had an update, we area patching the cheat. Join our discord for more news.
  13. Hey there, sorry that you are having issues with our software. Join our discord server and we will help you out.
  14. I wish I could @AxeMango. It’s an exploit so the user is a guest and I can’t ban him.
  15. We do have controller support but some computer seem to not work with it, and it works best with an Xbox controller.
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