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  1. Our discord servers got ToS. and rust is currently under maintenance.
  2. sadly there is no eta. but we are trying to do it asap.
  3. Yes, as AxeMango said you will have to contact a staff member (Admin or Above). you can also read this: https://dr-cheats.com/forum/re-sellers/
  4. Welcome aboard Dino. Hope you enjoy the cheats
  5. Hey bud. Apex is under maintenance. but ill still answer your questions. 1. you will have instant accesses to the cheat. 2. we had one but it got ToS, we will make a new one after we finish recoding warzone. 3. this I can not answer due to it being under maintenance. 4. you can make a support ticket on the website or on the discord (that will come out)
  6. Sadly Apex Legends in under maintenance. We will try to bring it back ASAP.
  7. The cheat has never been detected, but if you cheat obviously you will get manually banned. the cheat is being recoded but it will prob be stream/vid proof
  8. Welcome aboard freapers20! I hope we can play at some point! Hope you enjoy the cheats (They are all updating )!
  9. Welcome aboard Pingu! We dont really talk about "How" to make cheat, we just sell them, but if you are wanting to learn how to make cheats then I recommend: "MPGH", "Nulled" and those type of forums, but im sure if you join our guiled group we can talk about it there (im not the best myself but I have made simple cheats for games like CSGO and Among us) I am aswell into EFT and League! hope we can play at some point! Hope you enjoy the cheats!
  10. Welcome aboard squiggles! there is a size limit for pictures/gifs. Hope you enjoy the cheats!
  11. Hey there! Apex is under maintenance. there is no eta or when it will be back.
  12. Welcome aboard ColbyMM1! Hope you enjoy the cheats!
  13. Skizzy

    Hyper Scape

    Don’t bump, you can only bump if it’s the marketplace.
  14. Skizzy

    The new z

    já foi sugerido.
  15. It gets removed after 7-14 days. But I recommend using a spoofer.
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