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  1. The cheat is currently down for an update. Please be patient
  2. Your account gets banned and you might get shadow banned. But it’s unlikely that you will get banned with our cheat. I only heard that couple of people were banned.
  3. Hey there. You need a hwid reset for this, you can dm DrSilva on discord or on the forums. Don’t forget the key.
  4. You can get one from @DarkHacks or @AxeMango
  5. Run discord as administrator, enable discord overlay and restart your pc. and run the loader as administrator.
  6. Run discord as Administrator. and enable discord overlay
  7. Skizzy


    It’s being worked on. it should soon release. and I agree on the price, it should be around ~20€
  8. Skizzy


    the loader locks on to your hwid when you open it. So it means you have changed your hwid (by spoofing or smth) and do it needs to be reset. for a reset Dm DrSilva on the forums or on discord.
  9. Skizzy

    apex legends

    It’s on test version / under maintenance.
  10. If that happens that means the cheat has not been updated to the latest version. And enable discord overlay to see the cheat. Btw I think the cheat has been updated.
  11. Have you tried re-downloading the loader? if you have try dm'ing DrSilva on discord. You can join the discord by clicking HERE . sorry but I cant help much, I dont know alot about the loader.
  12. Skizzy


    ayudan, pero para restablecer tu hwid por favor dm DrSilva en los foros o discord.
  13. Warzone needs to be updated. Please be patient for the update