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  1. Pleases try again, if you keep having this issue pleases open a ticket on our discord server
  2. please join our discord and create a ticket.
  3. Be sure to run Discord as admin https://imgur.com/a/EqgluRb https://imgur.com/a/xY2sUFK and make sure youi have enabled overlay for apex.
  4. Oh, sorry. I thought that it was already added.
  5. It’s already hidden . Try turning on you obs and check the recording screen. You should not see the menu nor esp.
  6. Welcome aboard Klapperraar! as of now rust is under complete re-code so it will be unavailable for some time... but we are working hard to get everything working. hope you stick around for rust. And please try any other cheat, I totally recommend trying apex when is out (should be this weekend)
  7. Steam is not supported atm.
  8. Skizzy


    no. we dont provide a spoofer.
  9. Skizzy


    Please join our discord server by clicking HERE. Create a ticket and we will help you.
  10. Alright, happy to hear that you are interested in our cheats hope to see you in the game soon. And I’ll note the slots for EFT.
  11. Forgot to mention the only time I got banned was on the EFT ban wave.
  12. I just stick with standard accounts until I believe that the cheat is good enough for a EoD. And about the statuses: our status page is on the main forum (on the right) and it shows when was the last update we made for the cheats. But I’ll note that about adding a last detection date. Obviously if you cheat without caring you will get banned manually (due to high reports) but as far as I played with our cheats, I’ve gotten no bans. To not get banned just play legit. And we are somewhat slotted ( we restock at certain times), but the rust cheat has only 10 slots.
  13. Hey bud, it’s been about a year since our EFT cheat went down, but it was very secure but on wipe day (the biggest ban wave) most cheaters got banned. But I got to use the cheat for a good 2-3 months without a ban. and Happy New Years! I pray everyday so the cheat would come back Xd.
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