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  1. Hello Daniel Welcome onboard.
  2. RobertDS

    dayz hack

    Create a ticket
  3. RobertDS


    Wait? We selling cheats? thought this was a burger chain??
  4. Lmao, that's so long ago, remember playing with subs, good times. Miss hearing Menlazar scream because he never had played the game before.
  5. If you ever need any "tips" - I could be of service, ive coded for the past 4 year, in cyber protection, ddos protection and stuff like that. I dont code cheats, (yet), but have worked on projects such as Csgo and minecraft. So if you ever need any help to understand codes and stuff, then send me a message. If you ever have a problem with a code, such things like that. Im on my last year before i get a degree, so i have time to help.
  6. No ETA. But to be sure, ill reach out to the staff team, and ask around.
  7. Great to hear - Atm are we working on new things to add, idea noted - Staff
  8. Skizzy have some of the things right, yes we are testing and rebuilding the Apex & EFT cheat - Atm there is no ETA for when we restock - We do a limited about of stock each month, but we sometimes add during the weeks if the demand is high.
  9. We are working on a Apex update atm - No ETA for when its live agian, we will restock soon within 1-2 weeks. - Nyuu Staff-Team
  10. RobertDS

    HI guys

    Hello Sunshine Welcome onboard, hope to see more of you around here - Nyuu
  11. Hello Mojo, as of the moment we dont invite people to the Rust-Cheat anymore. Its going to be super limited. The cheat will be going live soon to the people so thats why we dont accept people to test it. -Nyuu-Staff
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