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  1. Its fully updated now We allways update first on discord to stay fully updated keep an eye on discord
  2. Just updated the mod should be good now
  3. Come to our discord we will give all the support needed to make our product work on your machine
  4. drsilva

    my key?

  5. After the first use our loader stays locked to the current machine (HWID locked) When you run the spoofer you make your pc look to be differente pc, and the protection turns on becuase its not the same hwid
  6. Added Snaplines Added Aim Predict Cross (shows cross where you should aim to hit the player) Added Player Info (show stats about the player items on the belt, distance, health, name, etc) Added BoxStyles -3D Box, -2D Box, -ConnerBox, -FilledBox
  7. Added Prediction on Transports (Heli, Boat Horse) Now only hidden stash will show on the ESP Fixed Crash on aim *Found bug on ESP and Aim when the player is on monument
  8. Added new Tab "Misc" Added Warning System, Bear and Player
  9. Added Cards (Green Blue Red) Added Bulletdrop compensation
  10. Added Deployed items (cupboard,traps) Added Animals Fixed Prediction
  11. drsilva

    HI guys

    Welcome to our community
  12. Aimbot Aim Speed +/- Prediction (Bullet drop) FOV Smooth No Recoil No Sway Bone Select Key Select Player/NPC ESP Name Weapon Box 3D/2D Skeleton Distance Healthbar Snapline World ESP Dropped Items Collectables Nodes (Stone,Metal,Sulfur) Crates/Barrels SupplyDrops Stash MISC Radar Crosshair Enemys around Supported Anti-Cheats EAC
  13. Most likely related to HWID I just reseted your hwid try again
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