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  1. drsilva


    As is stated on the forum homepage AIM IS TEMPORARILY OFFLINE is being reworked and improved
  2. join discord so we can move that key your friend account
  3. We are constantly updating, There is big reason why there is no skinchanger in the market, as we speak rn. CSGO skinchanger had 10 year be developed CS2 just released 2 weeks ago, developing full skinchager takes time Im was offering the abilty for everyone to use skins changer in day one. mbut what I see is users that come fro CSGO that has 0 to do with CS2 and want the same style and customization of skinchanger that had 10 years to develop... but like I said and everyone can see on discord, we update CS2 daily everyday we improve the mod including the skinchanger part. Thanks for the review
  4. WIth our Skin Changer you can add to your inventory: -Weapons -Statrack -Nametag -Stickers -Gloves -Knifes Troll people on lobbies Chams BUY NOW
  5. Create ticket on discord so we can give support
  6. Aproved sorry for the delay
  7. It was fixed right away sorry for the issue
  8. Its fully updated now We allways update first on discord to stay fully updated keep an eye on discord
  9. Just updated the mod should be good now
  10. Come to our discord we will give all the support needed to make our product work on your machine