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    Game's title / name FiveM Description It's basically a modification to Grand Theft Auto 5, so people can make their own servers, with custom plugins - most popular gameservers are roleplaying, where people act like it's real life. It may sound boring for some people, but it's actually really fun. Game population The playercount isn't specifically listed anywhere, but according to FiveM's twitter - the population is around 30k players. Reason Having cheats in FiveM would be a huge advantage. Some servers allow mod menu's etc. but most of them doesn't. Having a scripthook bypass would enable such menus on servers that wouldn't normally allow it, which means you would be able to spawn weapons and have a huge advantage compared to the other players. Also, there are no other public providers, so Dr-Cheats should achieve a lot of new members due to the demand. Feature suggestions Scripthook bypass Lua executor (to execute commands from the scripts that the server has) Aimbot ESP And other things you'd normally want to cheat with in GTA 5 Anti-cheat From what I know, FiveM it self doesn't have an anti-cheat, but some of the servers does - but the anti cheats that the server has, aren't anything that would ban you, it would just detect if you run faster than normal etc. and kick you. Invite-only or non-invite I wouldn't mind this being an invite-only cheat, but due to the small amount of players, I think making it non-invited would be fine. Demand volume From what I can see on google/youtube etc. the demand is pretty big. A lot of people are searching for a FiveM cheat, and with no other public provider, Dr-cheat would be the only one selling a FiveM cheat. Price Imo the price should be around the same as the other cheats. Around 15€ a month would be fine
  2. Game's title / name: Fallout 76 Description (describe the game shortly, include trailers / gameplay footage if possible). A mix of rpg and fps Game population (include statistics of the game's player count). 10k every day Reason* (why do you want a cheat for the game. What's the selling point for cheating in the respective game). There is a new mode in the game called as NUCLEAR WINTER (aka battleroyale) that give you many rewards Feature suggestions (what kind of features would you want). Infinite PA (STAMINA) Anti-cheat (what anti-cheat does the game have integrated). I looked for this information around internet, seems like there isnt any anticheat Invite-only or non-invite (should the game cheat be an invite-only content, or not (explain if possible) ). Non invite, because i'm not invited and i want to cheat :d (i said non invite because they don't have a ''hard'' anticheat to bypass, no wait, they dont have anticheat lel Demand volume* (what's the demand for such game cheat). For the ''story mode'' of the game people do not ask to much for cheats, but i know many people is waiting for a ''trusted'' cheat for the new battle royale mode Price / cost suggestion* (how much should the cheat cost). Depend if is to hard to make it, but a price around 15€ would be nice
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    Welcome to our family
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    Welcome to our family
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    Welcome to our family
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    Welcome to our family