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  1. @Skizzy ban this guy plz hahah
  2. You can buy the regular package and use only just the no recoil option. the warzone cheat is over a year old and has never been detected.
  3. Apex is down. and is being worked on
  4. Hello Patients, I have been searching far and wide for a great spoofer for these 2 games. Me and SIlva have been using https://infsoft.dev/MWAB/ But they only support Warzone, Also their support sucks donkey dick. I have found this Spoofer. €59.99 "SirTox | Permanent spoof (LIFETIME)" €32.99 "SirTox | Apex (31-DAYS)" €6.99 "SirTox | Apex (7-DAYS)" I have been HWID banned in every game possible. and this is working great. (apex,warzone,coldwar) Join = https://discord.gg/uY5Zm9ChX4 Mention My name Axe Mango for a possible Discount.
  5. figured you needed a new video. Enjoy https://streamable.com/tgp2ls
  6. DayZ is in development. every cheat on this forum is in development right now. stay tuned
  7. by far the best/most favorite apex cheat i've used.
  8. old video I made with Silva Apex cheat before going offline Enjoy,
  9. AxeMango


    hey brother, Apex and warzone are both updating. SIlva(dev) said that only resellers(like me) will be selling warzone in the future. Resellers take all kinds of payment options.
  10. Hey man, Currently all cheats are being updated. You need to contact a staff member directly to get into reselling for them. From experience You buy your own loader and panel access, and keys from the devs via Bank transfer/BTC for a discount, and then you will have your own brand name you can design on the loader. You can then sell the keys you bought for a profit.
  11. no silva is not supporting New Z
  12. If you are russian, you may as well deal with the creator directly
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