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  1. Galaxy


    Is next project
  2. Menu Key = Insert
  3. Aimbot Customizable Aim Speed +/- ( 0 - 10 ) - Speed at which your aim goes to the head of the enemy. Customizable FOV ( 0 - 150 ) - FOV size. Draw FOV - Circular area around the aim, Aimbot will work if its target is inside it. Smooth - If enabled it will make Aim Speed functional. No Recoil - It will remove Recoil from the weapon when it shoots, only works if aimbot is toggled off because by default there is no recoil already. Knockdown - When activated will aim on targets that are already on the ground ( legit feature ) Visible Check - When activated will ignore targets that are through walls and only aim at people in line of sight. Player ESP - See players through walls. Name - Show player names. Box 3D - Show 3D Box around player location. Distance - Show Distance between you and the player. Health bar - Show Player Health. Shield-bar - Show Player Shield. Snap Lines - Show Lines between you and the player. Customizable Max Distance ( 0 - 600 ) - Maximum distance for show players. World ESP - See Items through walls. Items - Show items ( Names ) through walls. Customizable Items filter by : Type ( Weapon, Healing, Wear Stuff, Ammo/Attachments ) - Show only items of selected types. Level ( 1, 2, 3, 4 ) - Show only items of selected levels. Supported Anti-Cheats EAC Menu Key - Numpad " 0 "
  4. Due to work load and demands, we have decided to only focus on big market games and no longer develop small market games.
  5. No, you need buy every month
  6. Dr-Cheats team release HWID Spoofer Check all informations here :
  7. I starter cheat in Combat Arms, and i really love cheats in WarZ. Like 7 years.