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Everything posted by Galaxy

  1. Galaxy

    dayz hack

    Open ticket on discord
  2. Is down until Loader is fixed for EAC No ETA
  3. EFT Cheese has been discontinued
  4. Working on update, probaly next week
  5. Galaxy


    O Lifetime era para emuladores de warz, e como voce pode ver, nenhum mais esta aberto, e a equipe agora eh uma outra
  6. Galaxy

    Warzone help

    The default button is RMB but you can change the aim key in menu
  7. Galaxy


    Probaly is working now, but if no, enter on discord for get support
  8. Galaxy

    Out of Stock

    Cheat have limited slots for increase security, just wait restock
  9. Will return very soon, already working on update : )
  10. I think your problem is already fixed, but if you need can contact support team on discord
  11. DrSilva was focused on Rust to launch, now he will update the apex and all the time off will be added
  12. Galaxy


    Just use HWID Spoofer guys
  13. You not have perm for sell here, if you want a seller tag PM me on Discord
  14. You need a HWID Spoofer too for play in new accounts
  15. Enter on discord group, i can give you support better in discord : https://discord.com/invite/qgHzBYj
  16. I think is because game had update, probaly your problem already is fixed Always keep your eyes on discord community, is best for give support and for see news : )
  17. I think is because game had update, probaly your problem already is fixed
  18. Rust cheat released, you can buy here : https://dr-cheats.com/forum/store/category/14-rust-hack/
  19. Galaxy

    Pay Pal

    Contact me in discord, i have only 1 week on stock > I'm not Toxic.exe#6203
  20. Galaxy

    Pay Pal

    I have 1 WarZone Week key if you want : )
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