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  1. y i hear this from 2 months ago and still no update for apex !
  2. When i got the loader before 30 days i played like for 3 days then ban wave started and we wait like for 7 days to update the loader and the support team was not that cool to be honnest only silva and Nyu doing the job and then after next update we got ban weave again and we wait for 5 days to update and i played like for 2 more days then loader dected we got ban wave again They said EAC got updated that's why hard to fix it out so until now we are waiting for update and my sub time ended to be honnest i played only 10 days from 30 days sub so idk what's going on here " They said we will get our Days back so we are waiting " " im talking about Apex loader "
  3. Most of admins and support staff ignore my msgs I still not active in discord after prush and also I get banned after 2 days of buying cheat. I didn't abuse the cheat I was playing only ESp so Idk what"s going on here I buyed the cheat for 30 days = 36.9 € And I got mad only in 2 days so we will see what will happen in the next days.
  4. How to solove this ? i cant even creat new acc lel
  5. i start streaming / rec only game capture its still show the cheat so i think there is some thing wrong or its not stream proof . help me