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  1. these links will take your to my screenshot of legit config i used and how i avoid ban waves make sure you don't lock onto enemies through walls.
  2. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    anti ban is impossible with anti cheats like easy anti cheat and battle eye
  3. Hi well most cheats are not compatible with a virtual machine since the cheats use HWID locking to stop people giving hacks away this would just make the cheat detected it pretty simple, Virtual machines have a completely different HWID. Regards Mxrphy
  4. Not really it depends on often you use it you see i switch from aiming with aimbot to blind firing to switch things up but if you want a really low risk of getting banned don't use no recoil
  5. These settings will make the aimbot stronger when aiming since the fov is smaller less chance running into the random locking bug. Regards Mxrphy
  6. Apex Legends hack Review ESP = The esp is great has most needed features that allow to see all the loot in the game with distance customizable slider, The player esp is great it's simple but effective I like the red dot that tells you that you are locked on your target with aimbot, Color grading esp loot is also useful as well. Score 9/10 Aimbot = The aimbot is buggy at times but I found a way to get around it by changing my configuration like having a smaller fov, the options are simple on the aimbot but it works well especially with no recoil however there is no way to change the keybind for the aimbot that would be great if they added that in, also the smoothing option is a great addition makes your aim look more legit. Score 7/10 OVERALL SCORE 7.5/10 THINGS THAT COULD BE ADDED KEYBINDING OPTIONS NO LOCK UNTILL VISABLE BULLET PREDICTION I hope this review is helpful to people who want to make a purchase. Regards Mxrphy
  7. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    I have helped @nacher through discord he now can use the hack correctly the topic is closed. Regards Mxrphy
  8. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    we will do discord first add me Mxrphy#0001
  9. contact him on discord he will reply eventually
  10. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    Hmmm, that is weird do you want me to help through screen share?
  11. Oyun kesmek 100'den fazla kişi ile çalışıyor Şu anda yapmanız gereken tek şey bir abonelik satın almak ve kesmek kurmak için bir video eğitimi takip etmektir. Saygılarımızla Mxrphy
  12. @xBalonG @Abojamra @IntotheUnknown96 this issue should be fixed now if not contact @drsilva to reset your hwid tied to the account. Regards Mxrphy
  13. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    look on the support it tells you how to get aimbot working. Regards Mxrphy
  14. Mxrphy7

    Error Apex

    Car aim? Aimbot works just enable esp and select fov to a lower number and enable draw fov so you can see where the aimbot will lock on and the key is right mouse button you have to hold it to use aimbot. Regards Mxrphy