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  1. nacher

    Error Apex

    they would have to put an antiban system
  2. nacher

    Error Apex

    https://subefotos.com/ver/?bb115c50f6bc511042e4f58ead002af6o.jpg look bro
  3. nacher

    Error Apex

    First of all, to say that my English is very bad, I use a google translator ... the next thing is to thank Mxrphy7, for being so kind, honest, and helping me in that disinterested way, I have him as a great person, and he is very friendly ... with all my heart thank you brother, nobody had taken care of helping me until now, only the ... Thank you .... FIXED THEME
  4. nacher

    Error Apex

    I have a teamviewer or by discord .... broadcast live and what you can see if you want
  5. nacher

    Error Apex

    I don't see anything related to my problem brother
  6. nacher

    Error Apex

    It does not work friend, I put everything as you said, and with the right button of the mouse .... it does not do the auto targeting
  7. nacher

    Error Apex

    Could you give me an example? I'm a little lost, what configuration must be in order for it to work?
  8. nacher

    Error Apex

    yesterday I fixed my cheats, but I only need the car aim, or aimbot ... please help me, I almost have it ready
  9. nacher

    Error Apex

    no no, it's all up to date, it's a cyber cafe of a friend of mine, and it has everything installed, it might have win 7 and it doesn't operate, right?
  10. nacher

    Error Apex

    I went to a computer booth, see if the problem was with my pc, and now there is a new error https://www.imagenes-temporales.com/subidas/ver/o2Z7NA/
  11. If I wrote to Drsilva and he ignores me
  12. I remove the loot boxes, esp, etc. etc and still marked, I put the aimbot .... and it doesn't work either
  13. I have been almost 3 days and without being able to enjoy the tricks, I bought the 1 month membership, and right now it is as if I had thrown the money in the trash
  14. I did everything, the c ++ distributions of microsoft ... and still not working, could not be fixed by teamviewer ???
  15. I already did it, and nobody answers me
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