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Hyper Scape


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Game's title / name.

Hyper Scape

Description (describe the game shortly, include trailers / gameplay footage if possible).

Official Trailer:

Gameplay (not mine):

Game population (include statistics of the game's player count).

I can't say something about that because it's an Open Beta.

Ubisoft post/patch notes: "The test for us was incredibly useful in being able to ensure our server and game client stability is up to the task for the much larger populations we expect when fully live."

Reason* (why do you want a cheat for the game. What's the selling point for cheating in the respective game):

•  First Ubisoft Battle Royal

•  New battle royal with unique movement and completely new map ⬇️

New gameplay mechanics: 

• The crown: not all opponents have to die. A team also wins if it holds a special crown for 45 seconds. This crown only spawns towards the end of a match and whoever wears it is marked for all other players.

• The hacks: In addition to weapons, players also collect so-called hacks. These are 9 special abilities namely invisibility, armor, a wall, healing, teleport, mines, revealing opponents, a blast after a jump or you turn into a ball and jump around. Each player can always carry two weapons and two hacks.

• Fusion: In Hyper Scape it doesn't matter if you find a weapon twice or a hack. They can then simply be combined with each other, which   strengthens them. Guns and hacks can be upgraded to rank 5 and those who want a chance in the final should take advantage of this option.

• Spirits: Those who die can continue to play along. At least as part of a team. As a so-called ghost, we can also spy out the area and warn     colleagues. If an opponent dies, the spirit can be revived by a team member instead.

• Expiration: The map also becomes smaller in Hyper Scape. However, there is no deadly circle that contracts. Instead, the individual sectors that   make up the map are switched off.

Hyper Scape's strengths:

• The crown, the urban playing field and the many playful innovations really offer enough variety to bring a little fresh wind into the Battle Royale   genre.

• The movements are fast, fluid and offer many options. With a diving board on the balcony, via double jump on the roof and then slide down the slope.

• The many combinations of weapons and hacks give all players enough tools to find a very personal playing style.
  As a ghost (can be revived), we can continue to participate in the game and do not have to watch it - it will have to be seen whether this mechanism can possibly not be used.

 Different Map:
• Hyper Scape becomes the first Battle Royale to take place in one big city. Unlike Apex or Fortnite, there are no canyons, lakes or small villages.   That alone should set Hyper Scape    apart from the competition. Because this creates a very different way of playing.

Invited Member:

Some invited member are already playing it or testing it (e.g. any invited members or admins/mods)

Feature suggestions (what kind of features would you want):


  •  Bone aimbot
  •  Customizable FOV
  •  Customizable aim spot
  •  Customizable hotkey
  •  Customizable smoothing
  •  Lock on target (toggle)
  •  Recoil compensation
  •  Customizable distance filter
  •  Draw FOV (toggle)
  •  Hitscan


  •  Player ESP
  •  Show distance
  •  Show health bar
  •  Show 2D box
  •  Team checks
  •  Customizable colors    

  Extra (if it's possible):

• Cooldowns for abilities

Anti-cheat (what anti-cheat does the game have integrated):

• BattlEye

• One developer team: Same as Rainbow Six Siege

 Invite-only or non-invite (should the game cheat be an invite-only content, or not (explain if possible) 😞

• Invite-only because of BattlEye.

 Demand volume* (what's the demand for such game cheat):

• Depends on the invitees since BE but I already know that a few are playing it and that some others gonna test it.

 Price / cost suggestion* (how much should the cheat cost):

• 19,99€ + or = 50,00€

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