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  1. IF the issue hasnt been resolved please open a ticket on our discord server
  2. Welcome MONKE MODZ !
  3. Using xsplit or twitch studio
  4. You can reset it here: https://www.dr-cheats.com/api/api_public_panel/clientlogin.php P.S. Please use english
  5. Join our discord, we will help you out there.
  6. open a ticket on our discord and we will help you
  7. You can join our discord server and we can help you get a spoofer there.
  8. Skizzy


    Welcome R! Most of is dont like school but depends on the subject maybe. we only have the MW/WZ hack atm, but we plan on working on more games/updating current ones we have.
  9. Not sure, we are working on other games atm.
  10. Welcome aboard Sentak! atm we only have MW operating but we only have Silva(the owner) as a dev so we can’t push out products fast, but we’re working on Cod: Vanguard atm. Hope you try out our MW hack
  11. As of now there is no actual answer because we haven’t tested it (because we’re working on something else atm)
  12. (The main status page is to the right of the chatbox)
  13. Hey there malialen! The apex cheat is currently on hold/updating, because silva is working on Split Gate atm. after that he will work on apex.
  14. it can be hidden in XSplit and Twitch studio
  15. Unlock all won’t happen… But we do plan on adding silent aim at some point.
  16. Hey there! please open a ticket on our discord server and we can assist you there.
  17. Skizzy

    Error loading

    Hey there, is sorry to see that you are having issues with our product. Please open a ticket and we shall assist you there.
  18. Skizzy


    Hey bud, you can get your role and join our discord server here: https://dr-cheats.com/discord-setup/ And you can reset you hwid here:https://www.dr-cheats.com/api/api_public_panel/clientlogin.php. (Use your forum username and password to login)
  19. Apex is under update, it will be back ASAP.
  20. It should have gone trough, check if you have the key.
  21. Hey Blueye! Sadly there isnt a real way to get un ShadowBanned/banned without a spoofer/cleaner. But if you're shadowbanned you can wait from 7-14 days for it to be removed. But if you're perma-ban then im sorry to say this but you are screwed without a spoofer.
  22. Hey there! Sorry for a very late reply, but you can always dm me on discord (on my profile on the forums) if you have any issue. Hope you have anything under control. If youre still having issue open a ticket on our discord server.
  23. Skizzy


    Hello An70ni0! Welcome aboard, if you experience any issues please join our discord server and we can assist you there (we respond quicker there).
  24. Hey there jiek9999840 ! Welcome aboard!
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