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  1. Great to hear - Atm are we working on new things to add, idea noted - Staff
  2. Skizzy have some of the things right, yes we are testing and rebuilding the Apex & EFT cheat - Atm there is no ETA for when we restock - We do a limited about of stock each month, but we sometimes add during the weeks if the demand is high.
  3. We are working on a Apex update atm - No ETA for when its live agian, we will restock soon within 1-2 weeks. - Nyuu Staff-Team
  4. RobertDS

    HI guys

    Hello Sunshine Welcome onboard, hope to see more of you around here - Nyuu
  5. Hello Mojo, as of the moment we dont invite people to the Rust-Cheat anymore. Its going to be super limited. The cheat will be going live soon to the people so thats why we dont accept people to test it. -Nyuu-Staff
  6. RobertDS

    EFT keys

    There could be multipel reasons, its takes alot of new codes to add such options etc. Which just makes the cheat easier to detect. - Your idea have been noted and ill take it up next team talk - Nyuu - Staff
  7. RobertDS


    If your account gets banned then no, it cant get unbannned, that´s why we recommend you use an alt. You are still able to make new accounts And start on a fresh
  8. Welcome Hope to see more of you
  9. Sounds like a good idea
  10. 100% UPVOTE Already talked with Silva about it Would be super op and fun to have
  11. If you ever want to play any games with add my discord

    - EU

    - Must have mic

    - Nyuu#6798