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  1. This is only my 3rd game i ever hacked on , that's about it
  2. The Method I do is just using the spoofer on my hackin acc no matter what and on my legit account im still playing, hence im not HWID banned yet doing that.
  3. Apex Legends , 7 Days To Die , Phantasy Star Online 2, Monster Hunter Worlds, Tera, Blade and soul, Black Desert Online. I bounce around those for now
  4. I usually still keep on murkin even when the live is off lol? what does everyone else does? sometimes i just watch animes/movies when there's too many other hacks around and i cant counter it pepehands.
  5. Been a part of this community since March, and it's been pretty great so far! I always liked FPS games and i recently got back into it when apex came out. I play a lot of games FPS/MMORPGS/RTS etc just a gamer all around really. I suck at introductions so all i can say is im a hard core gamer and that's that lol.
  6. I was thinking of trying it out we shall see how yours turns out c;
  7. Some of us have been here ever since we purchased this Mod and it has been great and the way they threat and work on their mods have been pretty good. They are always on top of their game , replaces the lost time and sometimes a little extra if they deemed necessary. They also do all sorts of things in the discord and extra for the subscribers ( can't discuss it since it might be private for subs only ) I like their different types of options on the mods they have since I don't like to just snap and aim straight on their heads and make it a bit more challenging my self but of course
  8. Thanks alot! you guys are doing an awesome job here!
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