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  1. Well to start out. My name is Epic_Fire(aka Matt). I'm 23 years old. I'm an affiliate for Dr. Which means I make videos and promote the Mod on YouTube to bring more people in. And I'm also on the support team. Outside of doing that I play Rainbow Six Siege a lot and enjoy doing a lot of things. Don't be afraid to make suggestions or bring up new ideas. They are always very much welcome.
  2. I'm selling Steam keys for 65$. It's a total of 66 Keys. They are all valued at about 160-180$. Only serious inquiries. DM me EpicFire21#5766 on discord.
  3. Basically what it does is this. Your aimbot locks on to people standing up and moving around. The knockdown feature also targets people that are knocked down
  4. Been playing PC for roughly 10 years. I've been hacking different games for roughly 4 years. I started with making my own for ArmA 2. Which was easy of course once I got it passed BE. That part took me about 7 months to figure out lol
  5. It is a very wonderful hack. I love it. Haven't been disappointed yet. I recommended it to anyone who wants to Mod Apex Legends. No other mod menu will compare to this one
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