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  1. Fixed. Didn't even notice due to having my own addon that changes a site's color code.
  2. Here’s a list of suggestions that have come to mind that will hopefully round out the DrCheats experience to make it more streamlined and customizable than what is currently offered. Separate Item ESP Panel: ESP distance slider Item rarity toggle for each level Item toggle for each type (Pistols, Grenades, Health, etc) Specific Item toggle (R-99, medkit, etc) Distance opacity option (Further items will be barely visible but become clear as you get closer) Separate Player ESP Panel: Player glow Ignore teammates (so they don’t have boxes around them) Aimbot: Select Bone (Head, neck, chest) Loader: Save config Load config Just a few suggestions. Hope to see some of these features implemented in the future!
  3. There are plenty more games for me to enjoy while Live is down. Rust, Smite, Warframe and Divinity: Original sin 2. Those are my go to.
  4. Let me know if you ever get it working for Rust. I have more than a few people that would be interested in purchasing. In my case, they banned my monitor serial too. So it'll need to work with that.
  5. Pretty sure aim key was detected some time back and was removed. So who knows if it'll be added again.
  6. This is a suggestion for all products being developed. It would be nice to have a separate tab added to the loader that allows users to customize the text for each item seen by the ESP. The main reason I suggest this is because I have deuteranopia colorblindness. Which makes specific colors blend. So the easiest and preferred solution is to give users the option to set the colors. However, this would also require a config file to save the changes, as resetting those colors every time would become annoying.
  7. K#smert Rust. Cost 180€ for one month. No spoofer, barely any features. Buggy as all hell. To top it off? It was constantly detected, and I had to buy upwards of nine accounts. It's the program that got me HWID banned from Rust and even Fortnite, despite never having used it on Fortnite. There was also the dev, Kradau, who laughed whenever it got detected. Despite us being the ones that lost money regularly buying accounts because he swore it was "safe," but then it'd get detected again within a day. It's why I'll never buy anything from that guy again. He was high on his own supply because his "apex cheat was undetected for months, so clearly you're getting banned for raging." Yeah, he actually said that to me when I told him I got banned and that his program was detected. Though luckily he's vain as all hell because putting a negative on his Epvp account was enough to get him to refund me to remove it. Though I'm happy that Dr-cheats has been a pleasant experience.
  8. Apex, Rust, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Beat saber and SMITE. Used to play Overwatch around S1-S4 but have since quit after I reached GM rank and realized how shit the game was. I load it up every so often just to remind myself how terrible it is.
  9. I look at things from a practical standpoint. Wasting development time on a game that may, at best, have a year to its name, doesn't sound like time well spent. On the other hand, there are plenty of other popular games that are up and coming, with a more stable player base to build from. Why a game like "Xera", which I honestly never heard of until this post, when "Escape from Tarkov" exists? There are also other high profile games that exist. Such as Overwatch, which only has one legitimate hack provider. Again, I just consider the practical side. Sure, you can have a blast but if the game dies that's wasted dev time that could've been spent elsewhere. Such as improving the Apex hack, continued creation of PUBG/Rust, etc.
  10. I would certainly be interested in using it. However, I'm heavily HWID banned on Rust. So unless it comes with a spoofer I'm SoL. Though if you need a tester for a Rust spoofer, let me know.
  11. Based on steam stats and reviews. It may not be a game worth investing time on. The highest peak was only 1.7k players and with a mixed review, it's possibly DoA. I'd prefer focus on more popular games, like Rust/PUBG. If Xera is still alive after the fact, then sure.
  12. moddingu15


    Hey there. Moddingu15 here. An avid gamer, writer by trade and possible Youtuber if I ever motivate myself to do it. I enjoy technical support and finding bugs/glitches. I play most games legit but some wrist problems have made it difficult to play at the level I used to play at. So I've dived into various cheats. From pixel bots, internal/external. I've tried a lot and have been banned just as much. While I'm not an active chatter. I'm always around and have an interest in games.
  13. moddingu15

    Apex Review

    Aimbot: 4/5 The aim is near perfect with the aimbot. I say near perfect because as distance increases the prediction can have some issues. It still does a decent enough job, but with some snipers, the chance to hit will be next to impossible. So it's best to stick with semi/auto weapons. I can easily say I've never lost a close/mid-range fight. However, every so often, the aimbot will lock onto a target that's further away. So it would be nice to put a distance lock for the aimbot to ignore players at certain distances. ESP: 5/5 The ESP is one of the best. It clearly marks items and players, making it easier to grab whatever you need and get to killing. While something like glow would be more visually appealing over boxes, that is just an aesthetic thing and not worth removing a point over. Loader: 4/5 Nothing fancy here. It's minimalist, and that's fine considering the options you're given. Though one reason I've taken a point away is that some options do not work, either because they were removed or are being worked on but remain on the menu. It would be better to possibly gray them out or remove them entirely until they are supported. Support: 5/5 The support is one of the best. They're quick to answer questions or help troubleshoot any issues you may have with their product. They also take time to test and ensure that what they release is undetected. Not only that but they will reimburse subscription time lost while a product is in maintenance. Overall I can say that I like how active the developers are with their community. I've used a lot of other services for other games, and Dr-Cheat's staff have been the most professional I've met to date. I certainly look forward to their continued work on Apex and whatever else they have planned for the future.
  14. I started hacking with Dark Souls. Mostly because there were a lot of other hackers and it was the only way to play the game without being invaded and dying.
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