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  1. About Escape from Tarkov Developer/Publisher: Battlestate Games Engine: Unity 5 Escape from Tarkov is a massive multiplayer online combat simulator with RPG elements developed by Russian Saint-Petersburg-based game developer, Battlestate Games. Set in the fictional Norvinsk region located on the frontier between Russia and Europe, the metropolis of Tarkov was plunged into anarchy thanks to the Contract Wars. What was once a bustling city, is now roamed by rivalling scavenger gangs, former private military forces, and black ops units. Between them all, there's you, your stash, and the escape back to the free world from the depths of Tarkov. Game Population https://eftstat.us/ Anti-Cheat Own Anti-Cheat System Features Aimbot: Field of View, Bone, Priority, Aim Key, No Recoil, No Spread, No Sway ESP: Player, Item, Boxes, Corpse, Health, Distance, Exits Misc: Crosshair, Nightvision, Settings: Load / Save Why Escape from Tarkov? There some EFT cheat providers, but none of the really long undedected or is scam. Invite only I would say invite only. Because the anticheat is not bad. Safety should go before. Price 30-80$ / month
  2. As the title already says. What was the most expensive cheat you've ever bought? My was a Arma 3 Cheat (script based). Script executor + BattlEye bypass for 180€ Lifetime. Was the best investment, because the cheat was ~2 Years undetected and i never have get a ban with it.
  3. Since 2002. Start with Counter Strike 1.6, then Combat Arms, San Andreas Multiplayer, Counter Strike Source, Counter Strike Global Offensive, DayZ, Rust, PubG and more. And never use a free cheat.
  4. Hey staff, just a short suggestion. How about a suggestion section and a bug report section for the cheats and website? Is useful for the community and the developers. -3RR0R
  5. 3RR0R

    Xera: Survival

    I agrre too with this. but you have to keep in mind that in some games, the development does not take long, because the bad anticheat systems have and therefore rarely have to be updated. (except game updates). an example. I use a CS: GO cheat which has been undetected since 2014 and only needs updates if the game has gotten a major update.
  6. 3RR0R

    Xera: Survival

    Scum is not popular too, but a cheat for it costs at least $ 40 a month. And that makes money possible. @Prime maybe a Scum cheat
  7. I hope it will not be so easy to be invited. Safety is important. Especially at BE and EAC games.
  8. same question here. and how long are the accounts mostly usable before the owner changes his data.
  9. 3RR0R

    Xera: Survival

    Would buy him. Very much like to play survival games. For me, the population does not matter as long as the game is fun.
  10. Good rust hacks that are long undetected are rare. I played over 1500 hours with an undetected rust hack and would buy one again. At the moment I only see garbage on the most cheat markets.
  11. Hello my name is 3RR0R. My real name is Bandit. At least, that's how most people call me. Gaming has been my hobby for over 15 years. In the same way I can not play without cheats for more than 15 years. Everything started with Counter Strike 1.6 By now I know almost every game that has appeared in this period. And in 50% of the games cheats were always with me. I am currently a very good customer of 2 cheat providers. Let's see what happens here in the near future. Should I meet quality you have a loyal customer more. Should it be a grab in the toilet, then not. I'm the legit cheater who can hide his hacks skillfully. I do not like ragging. In my life, I have already invested several thousand euros for cheats and I do not regret it. 3RR0R
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