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  1. I'm looking at adding a profile image and signature to my profile but noticed there were strict (imo) restrictions on size. So my question is, who is using what to resize their images? Photoshop, online webspace? I've looked at online compression and other methods and still too large. regards, Vamp
  2. 5/5 Hello friends, A little about my experience and my background. My journey to find a working Apex cheat began at a different forum. I was a loyal patron of the Website Artificial Aiming. Framework developed by Helios. For years I've had little issues over there, cheat kept me unbanned and did a great job. I wanted to try apex and so I went to my trusty site and saw they had a cheat for my needs then I read further they would be going to invite only. You had to be a contributor on the forum and be active... Which is a failed business model. I was there for the cheat and to enjo
  3. I wanted to say thank you for the ESP version release while the aimbot version is being updated and worked on. I think it's a good edition to your flagship and I would make the suggestion to keep it after development as a cheaper alternative to others or those who wish to play "more legit" assuming they are banning aim features and no framework features. I will be using the aimbot because there's too much recoil to make the esp useful to me but thought others could really benefit from this. *Wishlist- no recoil/ no recoil spread compensation in ESP version. regards, Vamp
  4. I noticed the cheat spoofs nearly everything, is this cheat based on another HWID spoofer or coded from scratch .. from the ground up? Also think this was discussed, after the spoofer saves the information would it be fine to close out of both the batch file and spoofer? Also, I noticed when I spoof everything, I can no longer click on the windows start button and forces me to close out the account and subsequently restart my computer to get rid of it. What is is causing this, because I probably wont spoof this so I can use the computer with more functionality. regards, Vamp
  5. Ahh Thanks for your reply. Makes sense to have it random. Hope I win heh! Regards, Vamp
  6. Do you do Facebook? Also..what country do they come from, can we select it? Regards, Vamp
  7. Need to get back into first person shooters, play call of duty series.. like mostly everyone else. I just found it boring after a while. Offline, I'm replaying DOOM and some turn based games like divinity 2. Enjoy the diablo series just can't get around how bad d3 is to be honest.. in a way they've ruined it or me. Miss the days of Americas Army and fun play styles of unreal tournament. YES.. I'm old enough to remember playing that on PC lol.
  8. Personally I wont use it. Knew one kid that played and bought it for me, cheap enough on steam but wasn't really interested in it. I would develop it anyway if you can handle the work load. It provides a service for others that might use it though. I would look at doing a remote loader, if you don't already, and make it cheat specific (level 1) Then you can have a more expensive cheat that gives you access to other cheats. (Level 2) Does that make sense? So you'd pay one premium and the loader can remote load the framework via a .cfg file for the game they selected. Same aimbot/esp just a
  9. Can anyone show me a clever and QUICK way to resize an image for my profile. There are some limitations on the size I can upload. Shame it doesn't auto resize for me. Regards, Vamp
  10. Since 2003, First game would have to be America's Army Online. Used Helios Unreal Bot.. A low rent uscript that no one could beat. With his hooking method was undetected for the longest time. Eventually added clean screenshot cleaner but it didn't always work.. eventually had to use a different loading method. Since then I cheat at almost every game I play. It's not really fun, especially FPS if I don't have the decisive advantage.. plus otheres are using it against you, always funny to catch another aimbotter off guard.
  11. I was just curious if anyone out there had tips or glitches for new players to help them get the most out of the game. Obviously we all use program to assist but I think what helped me is knowing what tier loot each area had when first jumping. I looked up a few maps on google and watched a few videos of safe areas to jump to that don't often have people at to help from getting merc'd straight out of the gate.
  12. I like the site navigation well enough. Beginning buttons when you first load the site doesn't work, have to click on the dr-cheat logo then can navigate the nested" menu.. all and all a great clean site. I am very thankful it's a black forum as opposed to the white ones.. if that makes sense.. white with black text hurts my eyes, especially if I'm browsing late at night.
  13. Seen Epic posting about steam keys, I didn't realize you do bot keys as well. Nice idea.. Out of curiosity, is it random?
  14. Vampyr

    Earn Free Hacks

    An interesting approach, Reminds me of the Art***cialA***ng way of doing it when some cheats that use that have to compete with "easy anti cheat". They went to a private 'invite only' model. They lost a lot of money, always had rude staff members moderating their forums. The only reason why the did well was his dad originally coded the first program he released back in the America's Army days. They had the right idea with invite only, a better idea? A reward system like you've implemented here. You respond back to people in quick time and that shows you really are passionate about what you do.
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