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Everything posted by bakenake20

  1. Im curious on seeing how long you guys have been useing hacks in games and what games, I've been personally have been since i started playing pc it started off on CS:GO like everyone. Leave your guy's story's below
  2. Mine would have to be the R-99 and the Wingman XD
  3. I only get disconnected when the game decides to crash or my dumb ass closes it on accident
  4. I hope so id love some fancy colors
  5. I want to see how you guys feel about the apex hack and what you want to see improved (im not a delevoper of the cheat) Also what your setting are for the cheat. I would love to see what you guys have to say, I personally love the cheat but id love to be able to change the esp color im color blind but it doesn't bother me much besides some of the items are the same color for me or there so light i cant see them. But enough about me tell me what you guys think of Dr cheats and what you think they should improve. Bakenake:)
  6. I love the cheat to be honest i was suspect at first with buying it but seeing how fast Prime is at replying and answering questions helped me with that he didnt seem like he was after anything but customer satisfaction and to make sure i got everything clearly. But once i bought the cheat which was a easy transaction it worked amazing the UI is better then any other "Popular" cheat ive seen it's simple and super easy to figure out (I do have prior experience with cheats) it doesn't crash the only thing that crashes is the shit game but other then that it's great you just restart the cheat and launch the game and boom your back in. I've used other apex cheats before but hands down this is a super great cheat i'd say better then hypercheats or perfectaim just because how fat it is to inject into the game and start playing again, it allows alt+tabbing at which is super nice and doesnt fuck up the cheat, Hands down you have to buy this cheat. I've Been using it for a day now and im not banned the cheat can be used for legit or rage which ive been semi on both just to get kills and rank up but so far no ban and it's not detected yet for me. 10/10 Cheat i Recommend checking it out No homo