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  1. Hello everyone, im fireballs. Im 27 years old and am a support member of this team. I enjoy playing video games and watching a lotta movies. Im usually on discord so if you ever need any help or just wanna chat feel free to hit me up. See ya around
  2. Thank you for taking the time to post a thoughtful review. We are glad that you enjoy our services. We aim to be fair and deal out the best products available. Have fun
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post a nice detailed review. we are glad to hear of your positive experience and strive to work harder to upkeep it. Enjoy!
  4. Yes but with the smooth the fov is alright, It looks humanistic instead of snapping. you can use lower fov if you wish, its all to your preference after all. Its what I use and have been successful at winning many games while looking legit.
  5. If you want legit settings, try keeping fov at 60 or below and smooth on with aim speed 2.5 or above. With this you may not hit all bullets but its still good enough to kill enemies fast and there is no snap whatsoever. It looks legit. I dont make videos but i can assure you legit settings work in here :D.
  6. Thanks for posting your reviews. We strive to do our best and are happy to see our customers enjoying it. Have fun
  7. Thanks to all who write a thoughtful and detailed review. The team does our best to ensure you all have the best product and enjoy it. Keep wrecking
  8. Always nice to see our customers enjoying our product. Hope you continue to have fun with it. Thank you for leaving the thoughtful review
  9. It is great isnt, it? Enjoy it!
  10. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Glad to see you enjoying it.
  11. Glad to see that youre enjoying it. Thanks for leaving your review
  12. Atm I just play Apex and a bit of anthem
  13. I will try this and get back! Ty!
  14. I use the R301 and the wingman. Wingman is so much fun and just a couple hits to take em dwn easy.
  15. For over 10 years here, dunno exactly. Started with combat arms. Loved to hack in that haha.
  16. I like the site. As mentioned above, easy to navigate and easy on the eyes as well.
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