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  1. Any chance someone record a video like this? Still waiting to see some legit settings live.
  2. Oh damn FOV 60 is high. Lmao If I was going legit, I would be in the 3-6 FOV range. I'm already good at FPS games, I just sometimes like that little boost on occasion. I just want to see legit settings in action that doesn't look obvious like locking onto a target.
  3. Yeah I've seen the settings, but I haven't seen them in use at all. All videos I've seen, the smoothness of their aimbots don't look legit. Not saying the cheat can't be legit, I'm just saying I haven't seen it yet, though the users could have very easily been using a high FOV, no smooth, and a fast aim speed. I just want to see someone use legit settings and record it, or if someone already has a video of something along those lines, if they could send me a link.
  4. Wanting to purchase the cheat, but every video I see of someone showcasing the aimbot, it looks like a ragebot. The cursor whips to them instantaneously, it locks onto it's target, and it doesn't look very legit. I am curious if anyone has a legit aimbot setting video they can link me to. If it looks good, I plan on purchasing. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm not sure about the bootcamp work around on Mac, but I can say that I've used the HWID changer and it works great!
  6. A method I used a while back to bypass HWID bans is found over at EPVP. I'll post the link below: https://www.elitepvpers.com/forum/wolfteam-hacks-bots-cheats-exploits/4279424-unban-your-computer-easy-hwid-changer-v1-0-100-free-no-hwid-no-ads.html
  7. I wasn't here for the old site, but I will say this new site is very fluid! It looks super clean.
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