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Apex updating questions

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1: If Apex hack gets updated, how long does it usually take to get the hack back up working? I'm currently using other Apex hack from somewhere else (not this one) and it is taking forever. Im planning to get this hack once the slot opens back up.
2: Why is Apex hack out of stock? It's not like we're are purchasing an item...


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1. It depends how big the update is, if it’s a small update it takes around 30 minutes (also depending if silva is busy/asleep). If it’s a bigger one (like introducing new guns or maps) it will take less than a day.

2. We only have 30 slots open for apex atm (you can always contact one of our resellers to get apex), and we are investigating some bans and checking for any detection.

As soon as the testing phase is over the servers will be back up for apex.


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