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You clicked on this page because you want to know about us.. For those of you who don't know we are Dr-Cheats!

We been around since 2015. We are a professional group of people who have a passion for modding games and enjoying it with our community. We just revamped our entire business model, this included having a brand new website which is what you are looking at right now 😉 , a brand new Hack for the hottest game currenly ( Apex Legends ). We are looking to expand our community have have a great group of people around us! 

We take all feedback from our community into consideration. We are very involved with our members, and want to deliver a personal relationship with them. Dr-Cheats is owned by 2 people who have a passion for hacking (Myself, and Silva). 

Our goal is to let our hard-work and dedication to our community pay itself off. We as the Owners work around the clock to provide a seamless experience with the hacks. Our support team is also very good and we fully are invested into customer service as well. Customer service to us is really important because in most hacking groups out there these days, our users have told us they are neglected by staff members in the discords they joined for hacked games. We try to build a close relationship with all of our users and help them in anyway we can.

Pricing is a huge topic and is on everyone's minds...  you may be wondering "is Dr-Cheats expensive!!?" "Are they legit!!?" "Are they scammers"? "Are they for real!!?" The answer is No, Yes, Hell No, Hell Yes! We are Foshizzle Legit! No we are not scammers, and we are absolutely real! Our prices compared to our competitors out there are really fair. We try to not to focus too much on the $$$, because hacking groups that only focus on profits don't care for much else. We have done a lot of studies about local pricing on related games, the countries and currency ratios. We hear the people because their voices are heard here. Like we stated earlier we want to create a fantastic community here at Dr-Cheats. We want you to be involved with us every step of the way, and go on this journey to conquer the PC Hacking World together!

If you aren't too sure about us, please read through our forums and check out our Testimonials, our videos, etc. Dr-Cheats is all about creating the best PC Hacking community! 

- Prime & Silva :classic_cool:

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