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What was the most expensive cheat you've ever bought?


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As the title already says. What was the most expensive cheat you've ever bought?


My was a Arma 3 Cheat (script based). Script executor + BattlEye bypass for 180€ Lifetime. Was the best investment, because the cheat was ~2 Years undetected and i never have get a ban with it.

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K#smert Rust. Cost 180€ for one month. No spoofer, barely any features. Buggy as all hell. To top it off? It was constantly detected, and I had to buy upwards of nine accounts. It's the program that got me HWID banned from Rust and even Fortnite, despite never having used it on Fortnite. There was also the dev, Kradau, who laughed whenever it got detected. Despite us being the ones that lost money regularly buying accounts because he swore it was "safe," but then it'd get detected again within a day.


It's why I'll never buy anything from that guy again. He was high on his own supply because his "apex cheat was undetected for months, so clearly you're getting banned for raging." Yeah, he actually said that to me when I told him I got banned and that his program was detected. Though luckily he's vain as all hell because putting a negative on his Epvp account was enough to get him to refund me to remove it.


Though I'm happy that Dr-cheats has been a pleasant experience. 

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On 6/5/2019 at 3:04 AM, 3RR0R said:

Is that true with the invite scam?

What do you mean invite scam? Alot of people did pretend they can invite people to RustGlory and then steal there money just like any other private hack though.. i have added more to the list of my providers also next upcomming is MERCURY it will blow everyones "Rust Hack" out the water god mode etc haha.. !

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