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Introduction About Me ^.^

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Hello fellow Dr Cheat users
My Name is ScxrYui
ScxrYui is my cheating alias since if i released my actual identity it would mess up alot of opportunities
such as partnerships for twitch streaming/sponsors ect ect

I am 25 years old oof
I'm a GFX Designer for twitch streamers i also do VFX as well
I'm currently doing game design trying to create a survival type game like rust/dayZ mixed
Also working on a FPS fast paced game ^.^

---Why Do You Cheat-----
Honestly gaming this year is complete trash theres nothing good being released yet that i know of
It all started when i found cheats for csgo for free xD
it got me hooked on destroying try hard kids who think there the shit.
I really wanna get into rust hacking and help servers destroy zerg clans who ruin servers for everyone else enjoying the game.

----Games I Enjoy-----------
Currently been slumped on games this year.
I usually play MMO games but nothing has caught my interest yet rip 2019 for games
Games i currently play are Apex Legends and Rust
I run 2 rust servers that i maintain and a discord with over 200 members
its so hectic with annoying kids who report anything and everything. but hey i made that choice to provide
them with a perfectly modded server xD.

Later down the road i plan on doing boosting wins/kills for other apex users on there main accounts or just showing off
Also stream snipe streamers on apex streamers and piss them off. #StopTTVNames2019

Dont know what else to say to be honest ^.^
Anyway Thanks For Reading!

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