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Marketplace Rules

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If you want to Buy / Sell items through our Marketplace you need to follow our rules:

  • No scamming
  • No Fraudulent schemes
  • People who lie & cheat other users will be banned from the website, if there is proof.
  • Always take screenshots of transactions as Proof so you have records in-case you need to use them.

If you wish to do business with other users we recommend you use  Dr-Cheats Messaging System in order to talk / do the transaction. We are not responsible for any transactions you make with other users. This marketplace is strictly for doing business with users who share the same platform as you. If you use platforms such as (Discord, Whatsapp, Kik, etc) we can't see proof and therefore can't evaluate any transaction made between you and the seller, however you are free to use whatever means necessary to contact each other. Privately message the user here on our website to do a transaction if you want to be safe.

If you wish to become a Verified Seller, you will need to sell & complete many transactions. You will need vouches from your Buyers as well.

After you successfully complete a transaction:

  • Give the Seller a Feedback by writing a review under their profile "Trader Feedback System".
  • Share your experience for the whole transaction so other people can see & judge for themselves. We have introduced a Trader Feedback system into the forum, so after you complete a transaction click on the users profile, you can leave them a trader feedback! When writing the title for topic, you will need to write what the Title of the Post the Seller made was. You can't put your own custom Title, it has to be related to the post & so the title has to be same name.

How to handle Disputes:

  • If there is an issue regarding a transaction made between you and a seller, you need to contact the seller first in order to solve your problem. If you can't come to an agreement and resolve your dispute, contact our Customer Support team and submit a ticket. We will evaluate your case.
  • After evaluation if we determine the Seller is in the right, we will close your case and there is nothing we can do. However, if we determine the Buyer is in the right, the Seller will receive a strike and their reputation will go down. 
  • If a Seller receives multiple Strikes, his account will be restricted and will no longer be able to sell.


  • Dr-Cheats is not responsible for ANY REFUNDS. 
  • All transactions you do are between other users, DO NOT ask staff members of Dr-Cheats for a refund. Contact the seller and figure it out with them.

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