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Apex Testimonial


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Aimbot 7/10

The aimbot is super nice it traces head without a problem
Has Custom FOV/Snap Speed/Knockdown/Smoothness(Not slide bar only checkbox)

Why I Gave It That Score

Could use more options and fix some stuff
First off visible check doesn't work still aims through walls
Smoothness is only a check box not a slider
Only traces head so this is a rage cheat not legitness for streamers to hide
would love to see more features added in the future

ESP 8/10

The Esp is nice i do love the 3D boxes and health/armor display
It will display the percent of armor they have/health they have
Also has name esp/distance/draw lines

Item ESP 9/10

The item esp is super clean and minimal does not get in your way or clutter your screen
like most cheats I've used. 

Why I Gave It That Score

Nothing wrong with the esp but would love to see
Chams/Glow esp instead of box
Also Glow would change colors from like yellow to red when visible and not behind a wall.

Loader/Spoofer 8/10

Nothing to fancy about the loader/spoofer they work as intended
Super easy to setup if its your first time.

Why I Gave It The Score

Could be improved to more clean looking loader instead of a CMD Prompt


Overall Conclusion

I Think Dr-Cheats is a great site to start cheating on apex. They got the best prices i have seen and that includes a spoofer which no other providers do.
I can see them growing as a whole if they plan on updating more features to the cheat and or adding more cheats which they said there adding rust to there store :P.
To be honest this is gonna be my new home for cheating for awhile i hope to see them grow and release some awesome features.
Thanks for reading i hope i covered everything i needed.

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