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  1. Aimbot still thinks it's a little rage, it had to be able to increase fluidity.
  2. In addition to what the friend above said, also try to repair the game and log in without the skill, to see if the error is not in your game
  3. You have to wait 7-14 days until your Shadowban leaves
  4. I don't know if you already have it, it would be good if you made a spoofer for warzone, it would be very useful, of course it would not be resold to anyone, only for members with a minimum rate of posts in the forum. Att Brazil
  5. Lima2232


    Great skill, esp 10/10, aimbot is not very smooth even putting in 7, but for me it's not a problem because I don't use it anymore, in norecoil it's beautiful!
  6. Speak personally, I am new and I hope to contribute to the forum too, I started practically 1 month ago, I bought the skill on the site and I really liked it, the support is also amazing !, nothing to complain about. att Brazil, player legit hehe
  7. Lima2232

    Earn Free Hacks

    Wonderful idea, it will get members to get involved a lot with the forum and it will bring people of confidence as well. att: Brazil hehe
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