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  1. Daze

    Daze here!

    Hey there, I'm Daze. I'm most active in the League scripting scene, but I am getting into FPS cheating more and more . I've starting cheating in Minecraft and CS a loooooong time ago. But I must admit, it was quite fun developing own modules and bypasses. Then, after a few years, I switched to League / FPS Games, where I am still active to this day. "Why do you Cheat?" is the question I get asked most and its quite simple to answer. I love playing games, but most games have a "point" or "end", at which I start enjoying it less or even quit the game. If I get to this point I simply start cheating in it as, for me, cheating in games, opens a new way to enjoy the game. I also play a lot of games without cheats, such as Destiny 2 and Rainbow Six Siege. I'm also in love with single player games like the entire Bioshock series, Nier Automata and Observer, so if you got any similar games, feel free to recommend them to me! Currently I've the luck to support you, and every other DrCheats user. So in case you run into any problems with any of the products just message me!
  2. Your art is out of this world! I really love it, I wish you the best of luck with your University!
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