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  • File Reviews

      • only esp works, thier supposed "aimbot" doesnt work at all, not even the slightest.  Customer support was super fast for the first text after they just dont respond. 

      • i cant download the loader 

      • Need help.  I am unable to cut and paste the key to the downloader any suggestions.

      • when i press ctrl v it says get clipboard data


      • Hi all. This is a thorough and honest review, as recommended by the staff - Honesty is important as it will be read by staff who may want to or not want to use this player's experience.

        In order to fairly review this cheat / client, it's important to put it in the category relevant to the game that the cheat is attempting to bypass / cheat. This client is a unique and challenging one. It's fighting against EAC.

        With that said, this cheat can't be compared to the laziness of VAC or Battle Eye because EAC (which is subcontracted by several games like Apex Legends and Dauntless) is heavily staffed and actively fighting cheat suppliers. For that reason alone, Dr Silva's client is given a +2 towards the /10 I am giving it.

        That aside, THIS SITE IS  offering safe / undetectable Apex Legends Cheats....For me at least, it has delivered in PART as described.

        The pros: Knowledge of other players' locations and their team, kits etc.
              Knowledge of items, locations and levels.
              The above two factors already aid a long way in finishing top 2.

        I have lost two accounts: The first was on day 1. I played a moment or two and was banned. I lost my second account 5 minutes ago-on the game loading screen. I have played so rarely that it is highly unlikely a 'player-over-watch' type ban. I suspect it's been detected by EAC automatically.

        After I lost the first account, I continued playing undetected (although I played rarely due to work) and the ESP was fantastic. Some issues with the boxes floating above players but all in all = the ESP was great! The ESP alone is enough to reach end of round. Great job on ESP.

        The aim-bot, not so much. I played around with the FOV settings and discovered it just doesn't lock on for me at all. The cross hair inches voluntarily towards the target when you activate the RMB, but it just sprays around the player or feels like it's not hitting as aggressively as it should.

        Staff: Outstanding. Patient. Honest with updates and their devotion and passion for this client is very clear. I know many owners like Silva who have too much ego but Dr-Silva is humble, polite, to the point and unemotional about things. He is objective and pragmatic. The communication between myself and the staff has been great. 10/10 on that.

        But is that enough? To be fair, I must mention some negatives with the positives:

        Aim-bot has not worked well for me. It begins to inch towards an enemy, but, when used, it just doesn't lock on for me at all.
        Hit boxes hover over the top of the player. Is that a glitch on my side?
        EAC, as an anti-cheat, makes me 'walk on egg shells' using any client because they're SO vigilant against client use. This isn't safe, at least for now, to use on any main account. Have fun with it and wait for the staff to get ahead of EAC more!
        Summary: I can't use this on my main account with peace of mind, which effects the score I would give a client by quite a bit. Even if you play on your alt account, it develops over time and you become fond of it. While I understand the ongoing risk of being banned with cheats, there are games and their client-providers with genuine no VAC (for example) bans in a year or three. I feel this client is very much a work in progress. Not at fault by Dr-Cheats, it's just EAC is always going to be fighting us.

        Final score: For being EAC client: 3(+2 for 'EAC Handicap Challenge') out of 10. Great effort, Massive challenges ahead. Needs work, constant and dynamic updates to stay ahead of the curve. An ongoing tug-of-war with regular updates. I am going to continue to subscribe and see this become a safer, more reliable client and I believe the staff here have the ability to get there.

        On that note, I hope staff take this review without malice or ill-will. I am almost 45 years old and I can tell you that reading this will help the product improve, if you allow it to pass the hurt it may cause anyone reading it. I respect the work you're doing and I applaud you for opening a review area which can sometimes attract abuse and nasty reviews. This is not the case with my review. It;s honest and mentions many positives also.

        My humble advice:  Remove aim-bot. Replace it with a trigger-bot. Code it to the alt button or fire button and the cross-hair runs over the target, firing at the bone you choose. Given the AI that EAC now uses, this is safer. Complete mouse movement control by the player.

        I hope to stick around. Other sites don't tolerate anything BUT positive reviews and some even ban their forum users, stealing the client's money. I believe this site is more mature and recognizes the positive aspects of this review. I will need to invest in a spoofer now. I knew what I was getting in to. EAC is a challenge guys. Play safely and I would strongly recommend trigger bot over aim-bot.

        Kindest regards. Keep up the good fight!


        Edited by adagioendian
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