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      I haven't seen an honest review in a while, so here goes. 


              Although there isn't a smoothing option, the aim bot works fairly well, there is no bullet drop or bullet prediction yet but rest assured this will probably be added in the near future. I used this for 22 games and didn't get kicked at all or banned. Keep in mind that this was not a new account so i was playing against normal players that are level 20-200, I'm sure i was reported ALOT, but didn't get banned so this is truly undetected. There are a few cons and simple solutions, the aim bot can lock onto players behind the one you are intending to shoot at (i.e. no distance priority). The aim bot also locks onto downed players and i did have one instance where it locked onto a player death box, which was probably a bug. Overall, aim bot is pretty well coded, would recommend.



            The ESP works perfectly, absolutely zero complaints.



            This cheat is good for the price, and I am sure whilst the cheat is improved upon and updated, prices may fluctuate since here isn't many Apex Legends cheats out yet. Cheat is 100% undetected. The cheat uses a very odd way to render the ESP (using obs studio) which is probably why it is undetected. The cheat is also EXTERNAL which means if you have a slower PC, you'll experience frame drops not due to the cheat, but due to the fact that you need to run the game in boarderless windowed to correctly display the ESP. MENU DOES NOT WORK YET. Although the menu has been implemented, it serves no function to the cheat. I think as the cheat develops, there will be significant improvements that skyrocket this website and this cheat so definitely invest your knowledge in this site! 


      ** Side Note - I experienced game crashes every time I died and left the game while using this cheat**


      Edited by DogShitBot

      My game crashes everytime i launch the injecter, even though i did everything to the point from the video. Now i got blue screen of death.....

      What did i do wrong?

      Best hack I've ever used for apex!!! 10/10 rating and recommend to any and everyone!

      Love This Cheat Maxed Out My main still no ban and now im gonna bost my way up in the season 2 pass this cheat i recoment 100%

      very good product must buy

      Edited by ravian901