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Make a referral system

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Make a referral system so it may aid in finding people who are loyal and worthy of your hacks that are in development. Also maybe make it to where player can earn days if some one they refer makes transactions. Also when the hacks do get released make it so trusted people can refer friends into the private hack so our friends can enjoy it with us so they don't have to sit on the side lines. I think these would be all great improvements to the site. I only say this because I notice other sites have referrals but I also think you should take one step further and allowed trusted people to invite others into the hack.

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We have a similar system on discord where you earn Dr-Cheats currency to purchase our game enhancement software by referring members to our discord channel. Check it out.

We also incentivize forum activity too. The more you contribute to forum posts. The more Dr-Cheats credits you'll have to purchase our program. You can find more information here.

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