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  1. Make a referral system so it may aid in finding people who are loyal and worthy of your hacks that are in development. Also maybe make it to where player can earn days if some one they refer makes transactions. Also when the hacks do get released make it so trusted people can refer friends into the private hack so our friends can enjoy it with us so they don't have to sit on the side lines. I think these would be all great improvements to the site. I only say this because I notice other sites have referrals but I also think you should take one step further and allowed trusted people to invite
  2. Hello, my name is mike or also known as Born Potato whatever you prefer. Gaming is life to me with a splash of music to mellow things out. Rust is one love and oh so do i hope to be able to have awesome hacks like what these guys here are making. Im sure of it, their apex hacks are good but hopefully this rust hack will be great. Would absolutely love to get back at hackers that hack on me in rust. But until then back to being a poor boi who gets hacked on. lol Anyways, happy rusting everybody!
  3. I want the rust hacks so bad and hopefully chances will be higher here to get in since its just starting. Time to gain trust and rep quickly!
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