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    Apex Legends: 24 Hour Key
    Price: €10

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    Apex Legends: 1 Week Key
    Price: €30

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    Apex Legends: 1 Month Key
    Price: €50

  • Welcome to Dr-Cheats Store!

    In order to purchase a key via PayPal you have to join our Discord Server.
    Here you need to message the Owner [Prime#0274]


    We have many reviews on our services written by Real Users who can vouch for our business. Please take a look at our Testimonials and see for yourself. We offer the best prices and try to make it affordable for everyone. We believe in fairness and want to build an amazing community of players who love to Hack!

    Before Buying: 🛑

    • Read the Status Page to keep updated with our status of the hacks we provide, along with any information that we feel you should know about.
    • Only contact us about buying after you have carefully read and reviewed the Status Page and fully comply with what is stated.
    • Must Register and account here on our website.
    • You need to look at our Tutorial Video on how to Setup the hack.
    • Ensure you have Discord, Origin, and our Loader running as an Administrator at all times.
    • Disable any Anti-Virus that can interfere with our program as Anti-Viruses can sometimes block the program from being run properly if it is viewed as a threat.
      Check out our Gameplay Videos using our Hack!
    • Look at the forums and see additional information about any questions you may have.

    After Purchasing: 💰

    • Once the transaction has been made successfully you will receive your Key Instantly 🔐
    • You will receive the Key that is associated with the subscription you purchased. Each Key will have an Expiration Timer.
    • Sign into the Loader with your Username & Password (This information is same as website login credentials). Use the key given to you to insert into our Loader. Once the Loader recognizes the Active Key it will automatically save to your account.


    • Do not message Prime about getting "Free Hacks". This is never going to be given out, and we do not offer Trial Periods for anyone.
    • Before wanting a refund contact customer support and let us try to resolve your issue.
    • If there are issues with the Hack and it is "Completely Not Working" extended time will be credited to ALL ACTIVE USERS.

    Customer Support: ❤️

    • If you encounter Any Issues with the hack, please contact customer support immediately. We strive for the BEST CUSTOMER  SERVICE out there for any hacking group! One of the biggest things we are known for is our Customer Service and Pricing Points!
    • You can submit a ticket here on our website on the Support page and our lightning fast support team will get back to you immediately.
    • If you are having trouble setting up the hack even after following directions, not to worry! We use TeamViewer to help ALL of our members to get set up and not have any issues! With TeamViewer it allows us to help you get set up immediately! 
    • Our staff is working around the clock, not one day goes by without someone's issue / case not being responded to or resolved.

      We look forward to having you join the Dr-Cheats community! 🙂