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  • Undetected New-Project-1.png

    = Safe to use and working 100%
    Maintenance maintnance.png = Working on Updating & Not safe to use, needs testing.
    Detected redx.png = Cheat is fully detected by Anti-cheat and is down.
    Apex Legends4Qpu9TV.png
    Apex HWID Spooferchecked.png
  •  What does Undetected for New Users mean?
     It means if Dr-Cheats is the first hack you ever used for Apex Legends then you will not be detected. If you used other Apex Legends Hacks from other sources, if you have been detected due to their hacks, you may have an HWID Ban. This means that the (User) has been detected and hit with a hardware ban. It tracks your serial #, and other components inside your PC to ensure that no matter what you do or as many accounts you make, you will get ban eventually. 

    We are working on security improvements as Origin had an Update with EAC Security. We implemented a new security recently which allowed many users to go days / weeks without being detected, some got to level 30~100, etc... We are working endlessly to provide maximum security!! 

    What if I am HWID Ban?
    We advise to use our hack on Fake Accounts and have fun using the hack all you want, in-case it gets banned due to detection you can always make new account and continue hacking. As long as you understand that hacking under HWID Ban is for having a lot of fun, rage killing, and just overall total destruction 😈 ; and you don't mind making New Origin accounts in-case you do get banned, you will LOVE our hack. We have a fully working Spoofer as well so that will help if there's any HWID issues. The spoofer will prevent you from getting banned from and forced to make new accounts, as long as you are using our (Undetected Cheat). If you use spoofer with other cheat providers that are detected, you can still be banned. 
    Spoofer will be 100% Free for Paying Customers Only.

    What does "Under Maintenance" mean?
    If you see one of our games "Under Maintenance" it means that we are working on updating it and it is currently not for sale. We do not sell during maintenance. Once the Maintenance is over the game will be released on the website and it will be available to both Purchase & Download!

    Aimbot / ESP and all our Hack Features are fully working and have great performance. You can use all our features without problems. We are constantly getting feedback from our users and adding bunch of awesome stuff. A week ago we fixed the detection issue & We update our hack DAILY, to ensure it is running buttery smooth and receiving constant improvements.

    We are honest with our customers because clear and honest communication is important to us. We want to build an amazing community here and would love for you guys to be a part of it! Please review our Apex Legends Forum page here for demonstrations on the hack, and other real subscribers reviews! 


  • System Requirements:
    Windows 10

    All Intel & AMD CPU's Supported