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    When I first found this hack I was a little skeptical of course. It is hard to trust a website that you're unfamiliar with even if they have testimonies. After talking to Prime however, my skepticism was completely waved, as he is a very genuine guy who tells you exactly how it is. I paid him in advance for a spot when the Apex Hack was back online. It was under maintenance for quite some time, but recently came back up. Let me tell you, it was 110% worth the wait. It works absolutely flawlessly. The set up is very simple and easy to follow, and the providers won't leave you stranded if you have trouble. They are super nice and responsive whenever you hit them up. They will ensure your problem is solved, if you have one, but I personally was able to set it up myself without any issues. Periodically after playing a game or two it may log me out to the main menu, but the fix is extremely easy. All it takes is verifying your game files for a minute or two and you're right back on track. Prime responded instantly to my inquiry about how to fix the issue and it immediately solved my problem. Love this hack and wouldn't go anywhere else for one.