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    Aimbot Aim Speed +/- Prediction (Bullet drop) FOV Smooth No Recoil No Sway Bone Select Key Select Player/NPC ESP Name Weapon Box 3D/2D Skeleton Distance Healthbar Snapline World ESP Dropped Items Collectables Nodes (Stone,Metal,Sulfur) Crates/Barrels SupplyDrops Stash MISC Radar Crosshair Enemys around Supported Anti-Cheats EAC
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    Point Based Forum What is the Point Based Forum!? Earn points for every type of interaction you do on our site! Each thing you do is specifically calculated and has a value! Here is a chart that breaks down how the calculations are made & how to earn points! We introduced this feature because we want our members to be involved in discussions and our website overall. To reward engagement and loyalty, we created this opportunity for our members to get our products by earning it. Over time as you accumulate points you can then redeem them via your profile. Each point you earn holds its own point value in our website. 1 Point = €0.01 Redeem: If you try to redeem your points go to your profile and click the [Redeem] button. You will have to wait till Prime or Silva approve the request. We will evaluate each redeemable claim made, and see if it is valid Credited € will be linked to your account & you can use this credit during checkout of purchases!
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    ♖ Status = Undetected ♖ Supports = All windows versions, Intel and AMD Supported Games Rust Escape from Tarkov Rainbow 6 Fortnite Purchase for = $20.00 USD Liftime Product. You can Buy The .zip and Discord Roles Instantly In our discord Via Paypal or BTC threw shoppy. You can give away the Files to anyone you want. But you will not have the support or Knowledge of how to use it. This purchase contains the following. - You are paying for the service and support of us. The files are free for anyone to download, if they can find them. - Spoofer Package put together by yours truly - Kernel-mode Driver (Ring 0) = Will never be detected - Undetected EAC - Undetected BattlEye - Helps to bypass existing HWID Ban on Apex Legends and most other games - Helps to protect your HWID in case of a potential HWID ban because of using hacks - Comes with TMAC MAC address changer - 24/7 support - Full tutorial on how to use and stay safe. - A gateway into a cheater Community. We can teach you everything you need to know - VIP tag in our Discord Join my discord to purchase Dm - Axe Mango#0001
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    Added Snaplines Added Aim Predict Cross (shows cross where you should aim to hit the player) Added Player Info (show stats about the player items on the belt, distance, health, name, etc) Added BoxStyles -3D Box, -2D Box, -ConnerBox, -FilledBox
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    Added Prediction on Transports (Heli, Boat Horse) Now only hidden stash will show on the ESP Fixed Crash on aim *Found bug on ESP and Aim when the player is on monument
  6. 1 point
    Added new Tab "Misc" Added Warning System, Bear and Player
  7. 1 point
    Added Cards (Green Blue Red) Added Bulletdrop compensation
  8. 1 point
    Added Deployed items (cupboard,traps) Added Animals Fixed Prediction
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    We are working on a Apex update atm - No ETA for when its live agian, we will restock soon within 1-2 weeks. - Nyuu Staff-Team
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    06/04/2020 Framework Updated the menu Framework* Aimbot Added ComboBox for Select the bone Added ComboBox for Aimkey Bugs Fixed a crash joining the game
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    This is an awesome and cool way to get people to be more active on the site and the best part is the free cheats :):)
  14. 1 point
    Hay, never saw that on any kinda websites very good idea and i think a lot of people will start to post more
  15. 1 point
    Probably one of the coolest functions on any forum.
  16. 1 point
    Pretty good idea. Makes people at least chat a bit
  17. 1 point
    wow this a verry nice idea
  18. 1 point
    An interesting approach, Reminds me of the Art***cialA***ng way of doing it when some cheats that use that have to compete with "easy anti cheat". They went to a private 'invite only' model. They lost a lot of money, always had rude staff members moderating their forums. The only reason why the did well was his dad originally coded the first program he released back in the America's Army days. They had the right idea with invite only, a better idea? A reward system like you've implemented here. You respond back to people in quick time and that shows you really are passionate about what you do.. which to me is an awesome breath of fresh air. Other people wont even take the cheat down will just keep raking in money while you redevelop it. *Cough* China/Russian bots *Cough* Keep doing what you do guys. Regards, Vamp
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    Really love this idea, helps people on a budget and makes the forums more active. You could really get a big discount maybe even more than 50%! Hope you see you guys around and post safely.