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I have decided to start an Elo Boosting Service for EUW/EUNE/RU/TR here.
"What is Elo Boosting?"
Elo Boosting = Rank Boost. I will play for you or with you to climb with your account to your desired rank on League of Legends (Master/Grandmaster/Challenger excluded).
With my experience and proficiency, I aim to be the cheapest, most trusted, quickest and greatest booster here. All-in-one.
I am currently Diamond IV+ on EUW.
FORMER: Diamond I+ EUW, Diamond+ on EUNE, Challenger on Russia and Challenger on Turkey (not to mention being #1 Ranked 3v3 Team in Russia for an entire season). I could show you proof of anything that I state if needed before purchasing.

You may get discounts if I notice that you have good MMR after my first match; or if you make a huge purchase.


Placement Matches = $15 [Guaranteed Half-Cost Refund if I get 1 Loss! Guaranteed Full Refund if I get 2 Losses or more!]

Iron IV ~ Iron I = $4/Division
Iron I ~ Bronze IV = $5

Bronze IV ~ Bronze I = $7/Division
Bronze I ~ Silver IV = $8

Silver IV ~ Silver I = $10/Division
Silver I ~ Gold IV = $12

Gold IV ~ Gold I = $13/Division
Gold I ~ Platinum IV = $17

Platinum IV ~ Platinum I = $17/Divison
Platinum I ~ Diamond IV = $22

Diamond IV ~ Diamond I = $23/Division
Diamond I = $30 Each 10 LP [$300 For 100 LP]


Rules & Terms

1) You are NOT allowed to play Ranked Solo/Duo until I finish boosting. However, if you want to play a Normal or Ranked Flex, then that is okay, try to inform me so that I am aware that you are playing. Breaking this rule will result in me stopping the boosting without any refunds.
2) I might use Blue Essence to buy Champions in rare cases. I will obviously inform you before I do so.
3) No refunds unless it is Placement Matches as stated above.
4) I will NOT start boosting until I receive my payment.

5) 1-2 Vouch matches will be provided to reputable members that I must deem worthy.

Payment Methods

Skrill, Bitcoin, RS07GP, G2A Products/Items (Contact me first), Steam Wallet Prepaid/Giftcards or EUW RP Cards.
If you want to pay using any other Payment Method, contact me and we may be able to work something out.


Contact Information

Discord: Intellect#5663

Edited by Intellect

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