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Apex Legends Cheat FAQ

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Hey all!

Whether you're new here or you've been a long time member, i'd like to share some answers for questions i see asked a lot.

Q: The Spoofer/Loader is Not Working!

A: Join the Discord, then look in #„ÄźūüĒĒ„ÄĎnews¬†

Q: Is this cheat Streamable/Recording proof/Stream Proof/etc proof?

A: Yes, however the glow feature is not stream proof. 


Q: What is this feature? 

A: I have described all of the features below 


Player ESP - Shows players through walls, rocks, etc.

 Draw Names - Shows the players name. only works when player esp is on

Draw Distance - Shows the distance between you and the enemy

Draw Health - Shows their health + shields percentage. The color changes depending on the enemy's armor.

Snap Lines - Shows lines between you and everyone else (i think so, i've literally never touched this and you shouldn't either)

Glow - Acts like chams and glows the enemy

Item ESP - Shows items you choose through walls and such

Wear Stuff = Armor, Knockdown shields, backpacks, etc.


Box Style - 

3D Box - Shows a 3 dimensional box around the enemy

2D Box - shows a 2 dimensional box around the enemy * i wouldnt recommend using this one

Draw Distance - How far away you want to see enemies from. Goes from 0 to 600. Default is 250

Enable All - Enables everything that is recommended. Does not enable No Recoil, Visible Check, Smooth, Radar, Snap Lines, or change any of the sliders.


Aimbot - aimbot... what did ya think i was gonna say

Smooth - Smooth Aiming for when you dont want to be obvious

Aim Speed - How fast you want your aiming to be with Smooth

Draw FOV - Draws your set FOV Circle in the middle of the screen.

Aim FOV - Sets the aimbot FOV. If your in-game FOV is higher, set this lower.

AimKey - Which key you want to toggle the aimbot. sets itself to LClick sometimes 

No Recoil - stops recoil

Visible check - checks if the enemy is visible before locking to them. does not work with windows, stairs, and certain other things

Target Knockdown - if you want to lock onto fallen enemies or not.

Draw Radar - Draws a 2D radar at the top right of your screen. The middle point serves as you. 


Q: why cant i say the word hack, hacks, or cheat in the discord?

A: those words along with a few others are blocked to prevent and minimize chances of the discord server being deleted by discord Staff. Thats also why its called dr-chips. use words like mod and cheetos instead


Q: stop it

A: get some help

It is also advised that you read #tips in the discord if you experience crashes or such things.

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