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  •        We are looking for people to join our Dr-Hacks Team!

             What we are looking for:

    • Support Team ( Must be good with customer care & speak English )
    • Affiliate Team ( Looking for people to promote our hack with "Affiliate Referrals", and to bring us more clients. Make YouTube videos, share your Affiliate Link in popular forums, spread the word in anyway and bring us people! In return you will receive special offers for our hacks, Higher Comission Based Referral System, and other great incentive packages we've created! )
    • Design Team ( Looking for Graphic designers, along with video editors as well. In order to create real exposure we need appealing content & quality content. Looking for people with talent and who are willing to work as a team with other designers to make Dr-Cheats stand out! 


               We want quality people to join our team here. To work as a true unit, be in a professional environment, and make Dr-Cheats the #1 Option for everyone that wants to get in on the action. All staff members will have to carry out their tasks given and execute their duties. Being lazy, unprofessional, and seeking personal gains will result in immediate termination from the team. All staff members will get benefits with us and be treated well, as long as you do your job.  If you feel like you are someone who is capable of executing one of the positions listed above, contact me privately via our Dr-Cheats Discord!  [drsilva#8904]