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  1. When i first got this hack i had issues with my computer. i was HWID Ban and prime recommended a spoofer to me from a different provider and he even helped me set it up using teamviewer. I had a lot of antivirus installed and windows defender security which prevented me from downloading the mod. Prime (The Owner) helped me fix all my issues and sat there with me for over 1 hour fixing my entire PC. My PC runs smoother now and i can't thank him enough. I never seen customer service like this before. Aimbot is phenomenal! Perfect accuracy & very smooth! I love how it has smooth feature as well incase you want to seem legit. I managed to get all the way to diamond rank in RANKED matches! Unlocked wraith heirloom from all the packs i won because i win 99% of my games. Thank you very much for everything you guys do and the hard work you put into this! Will be buying 6 months subscription soon