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  1. With all the gaming and streaming equipment that I have, I can easily make content and do a lot with what I have, but I need suggestions. I want to figure out what would be best for my YouTube channel and for my Twitch audience. There are many types of videos that I can upload to my channel, but I don't know which type I would want to start off with. I can either start off with a funny moments ( Main what I want my channel to be), a montage (Skilled in this type of editing), and a "vlog" essentially but it will be me talking in front of my camera. If you guys/girls can help me get back into doing what I love, I would highly appreciate what you have to say, if anything. Also, I need to figure out if I want to find a recording group or just do it on my own for a while. Please let me know down below. I will reply to any questions or suggestions if needed and wish to talk about what to do and so forth. Thank you!