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  1. Crossfire — anyone tryna join?
  2. Combat Arms hacks was FUN as fuck. I used Augs and shit the airstrike was OP ahahahah.
  3. There are methods to bypass that. We are working on HWID spoofer and I believe it is near finished so even if you were to be HWID ban you would be able to play.
  4. My OP combo. It's over when I get these babies.
  5. What's your RAGE HACKING combo? Share below? Mine's Wingman for short range and HAVOC + Turbo Charger for mid-long distance
  6. Ooh they should add "DISABLE ALL" button too tbh.
  7. If you are not receiving any responses from Discord (Staff team are humans, too.), or a member of the Support Team could not resolve your issue(s) [regarding service utilization or payment issues]. Please utilize your the "support" feature on our website. Support requests are reviewed by the admin(s) every day, thus, you will be receive direct help from the developers themselves. Included is a pictogram on how to submit your request(s).
  8. Only thing that bothers me is that there is a lack of customization but they are working on that. Otherwise, a big improvement on the aimbot, security enhancement, less disconnect. I can literally play the game 15-20 games straight without a disconnect or ban (only during isolated incidents though that I experience a sudden disconnect)
  9. You must purchased subscription first in order to access the loader.
  10. Please ensure you have thoroughly followed all the instructions correctly and utilize the search functions before reaching out to the team. We have two methods to seek help after you have exhausted all these resources to seek assistance to troubleshoot your issue with your hack. File a ticket This way our developer can directly assist you in troubleshooting these issues. Discord If you require immediate attention (assuming one of us are online and available). Please avoid using the "chatbox" to seek troubleshooting requests. We will navigate you to the appropriate resources to get your issue resolved. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ PRE-LOADER LAUNCH INSTRUCTIONS To ensure the loader function correctly, make sure you have the following: DirectX: Updated to the latest version Visual C++ 2013 (x86 or x64): Updated/Installed Windows: Updated to the latest Windows update UAC: Turned off Windows Defenders/Anti-virus: Turned off (The loader give out a false positive for viruses) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ LAUNCHING LOADER INSTRUCTIONS MAKE SURE RUN ORIGIN AS ADMIN TO LOAD APEX INSTRUCTIONS BELOW Video Guide RUNNING THE HACKS THROUGH WINRAR METHOD I've been avoiding detection from certain hacks through this method. Though, not guaranteed this will save your ass 100% of the time (50-50 chance). WINRAR DOWNLOAD LINK Press Numlock 0 Key to Show/Hide the Hack Menu!
  11. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TIPS ON UTILIZING THE MOST OUT OF DR-CHEATS Dr-Cheats offer one of a good quality cheat up-to-date at a very competitive price. Shop around the market and you'll find that an average 7 days would cost you $75. Please be aware, there are no guarantees that this hack is invulnerable to APEX cheat system. Avoiding bans are inevitable, but it could be avoidable. Here are some useful information on how to get started and how to minimize detection as much as you can. LET ME REITERATE: Dr-Cheats is not an impeccable cheat system and will be subjected to detection from time to time. There is NO GUARANTEES it 100% undetectable and you should hack at your own risk. It is non-refundable for invalid reasons. You know the consequences, be prepared to deal with it. If the hacks are unavailable (offline, detected, etc.), please observe the forum and go through threads to see if it's confirmed that hacks are currently unusable. It's not helpful posting another thread so avoid contributing to it. You are responsible for your own use. SKEPTICAL? GIVE US A TRY FIRST Current Payment Methods PayPal Mint Pay with Gift Cards Gift Card Dollar General Gift Card Subway Give our $10/day a try to see if you like the hack. By the end of your trial (at the 23rd hour of the purchase), you have the opportunity to upgrade to either a month or a week without forking out for full purchase price. (e.g. 40.00 instead of 50.00 for a month upgrade). Also, review our testimonies and watch Dr-Cheats video showcases ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REVIEW THE SETUP GUIDE Dr-Cheats Setup Guide (Pictures Included + Video) BE UP-TO-DATE ON HACK STATUS/INFORMATION DC Discord and the forum is your best friend. Check the status here. There will be updates on whether the hacks are offline, needs maintenance, or is partially detected (which explains quick bans). Check before using to avoid being detected. Keep an eye out for giveaways and promotions that gives you extension or free access. AVOID SUPPORT IN CHAT Submit a ticket and wait. Developers and staff are humans too. They will respond whenever they can. Please provide PLAY ON 'DUMBY' ACCOUNTS Is your current account valuable to you? Always play on dumby accounts, not yours. Dr. Cheats has disclosed numerous of warnings that there are possible risks of detection due to the sophistication of the cheat system APEX currently uses. Your mistake are not their liabilities. AVOID OBVIOUS HACKS APEX currently relies on players to report game violators through their support site. Video evidence are collected and evaluated by moderators to enforce the rules. If you do cheat, act as if your gameplay is being monitored and recorded. Don't aim at the wall and follow your target. Act surprise and avoid using aimbot.
  12. A little cleaner. Easier to navigate. Filing a ticket is a better system than creating a thread. Owner and support usually respond fast.
  13. One of the cleanest hacks I’ve used. Clean guid and interface. Will be making a video soon to showcase. Stay tune. Smoothest aimbot.