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Upon entering this website ("www.dr-cheats.com") you are hereby under obligation and subjected to these rules. The terms and conditions are strictly enforced, depending on the severity of the violation. Violators will be subjected to punitive measures ranging from verbal warning to permanent banned from this forum. Please review these terms and conditions of Dr-Cheats.com carefully. 

Dr-Cheats.com provides quality service to all regardless of the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, and physical or mental ability with integrity and respect.

Please keep in mind, violation(s) will be evaluated case by case until a decision has been made. If a decision has concluded that your access to forum and/or website material is rescinded, account terminated, or "permanently banned" from entering this forum and/or website. There are no appeal process for this procedures. Decisions are evaluated and determined based on the nature of the severity of your violation(s) and once the decision is made, it is also final. 

You, as a guest or member of Dr-Cheats.com, are subjected to the following agreement:

I.                    FORUM REGULATIONS

I1.          Any form of posts, responses, or comments that encourages, promotes, or validate any form of attacks towards the character or reputation of a certain individual or a group will be subjected to immediate infraction, and possibly termination of your account with Dr-Cheats.com. This includes racism, sexism, ableism, and any “-ism” that intentionally cause harm to anyone.

I2.          Posting, responding, or commenting multiple times in a short amount of times, also known as “double-posting” or “spamming”, is prohibited. A first warning will be issued, then, additional infractions added onto your original warning will result in disciplinary action.

                    Failure to navigate the forum to review guides and instructions provided by staff members will result in a lenient punitive response. A consistency in such behavior will result in an infraction being issued, and eventually losing access to the forum itself. Please be mindful.

                    Please refrain from posting irrelevant context on threads to reduce the amount of spam. All conversations engaged should have some form of correlation to the original thread and/or subject(s).

I3.          Posting advertisements is strictly prohibited and subjected to permanent termination of your service with Dr-Cheats.com. Account AND IP-Ban will be issued.

I4.          Falsified statements regarding other members, staff, or the cheat itself, will be subjected to review. Punishment range from serious warning to full termination of your account with Dr-Cheats.com

I5.          Attempt to solicit staff team or members for “free” access of the program is prohibited from this forum.

                    “Free” in this subsection implies monetary value

                    Consistent warnings to cease those behaviors/activities will result in a ban from Dr-Cheats.com

I6.          Providing and/or sharing files, programs, and/or websites that may contain harmful content such as viruses, phishing, etc, is strictly prohibited. Such action will result in the termination of your account and an IP-Ban will be issued.  

II.                 SERVICES & PAYMENT

II1.        Your purchase to Dr-Cheats.com is purely for “VIP” (Subscriber) access.

II2.        You are not BUYING services, you are DONATING to receive access to certain sections and contents of the forum.

II3.        Your contribution is ONLY a donation to the administrative team.

                    Donations allows the staff team to keep Dr-Cheats.com website online and sustainable

                    Donations are to be done only by YOU, yourself, with your own funds, and no one else. Dr-Cheats.com will ensure all transactions are legitimate. Any fraudulent transactions will not continue. Any individual(s) who are involved in fraudulent transactions will be fully terminated from this website.

II4.        Donations are final and non-refundable. Any attempt to perform a "chargeback" on a donation to Dr-Cheats.com will result in permanent account and IP ban from our website.

III.              YOUR RIGHTS

III1.       You are entitled to the following:

                    Protection from unfair, targeted, harmful, and cruel attacks towards you.

                    Right to superior support services from staff members to ensure your program function as they should be.

                    Right to appeal of any punitive measures subjected upon you.

                    Right to file a complaint against staff member(s) for abuse, unfair & targeted action against you, or unsatisfactory services. 

                    Right to dispute service charges if only all necessary troubleshooting has been exhausted.

                    Right to have your issue taken care of accordingly in a timely manner.

III2.       Your rights are protected by Dr-Cheats.com administrations and enforced by the support team and moderators.

III3.       All appeals will be dealt with by the Dr-Cheats.com administration team. Staff members such as support team and moderators have no authority over payment disputes. Please redirect your concerns to the appropriate staff team.

Please redirect your concerns or questions of Dr-Cheats.com terms and conditions to the administrative team. All rules are expected to be followed and by acknowledging these terms and conditions, you agree to oblige by them and have been warned. The intentions of these terms and conditions is created to maintain the peace and order of this forum. Otherwise, please enjoy your stay here.

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